06-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how americans see american food fries cheese bacon
doggie styles pet grooming sign
road runner coyote didnt need dont try this at home kids
you get used to to just see infringement bureaucracy theft
joe biden kamala harris ivory tower crime racial division inflation
democrats any government service nothing wrong blame guns
marry girl taxation theft gun safe love
gun grabber mental gymnastics liberty oppressive racist
bat sht didnt work now picking on monkeys
tell funny joke work hr wants to hear it
ralphie 9mm christmas story joe biden shoot lungs out

Message of the Day

message time before glasses myths legends

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet fed rate graph recession inflation
tweet demand ban assault weapons want concentrated group government agents monopoly
tweet biden distribution plan crack pipes not baby formula
tweet hearing people left geotracking cell phones not accurate uber
mewe tulsi gabbard global pandemic treaty wef biden who

We’re Ruled by Ass Clowns

janet yellen fed wrong about inflation ruined lives

Ok, Fauci and Walensky–your turn!

Random Thought of the Day

Just a reminder, when Trump was president and implemented retaliatory tariffs against China, EVERY mainstream media outlet brought on experts to talk about how prices would go up as companies passed increased costs on to consumers. Have you heard a single ONE of them say a peep about how Biden’s tax increases on corporations may add to prices? I’m not sure my eyeroll & face palm could be any more intensified when Biden somehow makes this part of a plan to reduce costs.

biden fight inflation make business pay fair share surcharge
office build back better biden want credit without blame

Biden’s ‘Rolling Calamities’ Aren’t His Fault? – Tim Graham
A Breakdown of Biden’s Non-Plan to Fight Inflation – Larry Kudlow

Quote of the Day

quote elon musk funding by government people takes money

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04-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dont be too rough kids dad ok machine nerf gun.jpg
liquor store employee nice see you again long pandemic

tech media ask questions approved investigate sources reach own conclusions
wonka took all star game 200 million black city white for racial justice
supreme court packed in the future marty expanded to 137
angry white male not racist bigot elitist misogynist media labels
media painting lies devil police
babylon bee college student aces final all answers racism
blm buy large mansions

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I remember back when every time Trump put some kind of tariff on China, the media would squeal incessantly about how this would hurt consumers as businesses would have to raise prices to cover the cost of the tax. How often have you heard these same people say anything about price increases with Joe Biden’s proposed tax hike on all corporations, not just the ones that buy from China?
  • Did you ever notice how easily people accept certain statements from the media & politicians if they’re repeated enough? For example, they all keep saying we need to repair “our crumbling infrastructure.” The U.S. has the best infrastructure in the world by far, and while there are always little areas that need to be repaired or reinforced, there is no crumbling infrastructure. It’s simply good talking points to say it is and provides good cover for creating new political slush funds out of taxpayer money.
  • When you study history, how often do you see monarchies or dictatorships thrive through several generations? Why do they always crumble? Because no matter how benevolent and intelligent a leader may be, eventually the spoiled, idiot descendants will have to take power. The same is true for socialist/communist governments. When you put more and more power in a smaller group of people, eventually that power will be passed on. No matter how well meaning the original intent, eventually people like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer will be in charge. We’re now living with the results of several decades of both Republicans and Democrats growing government into the incompetent, big-spending mess it is now.
  • It’s common practice of politicians on both the Right and Left to only do interviews with “friendly” reporters; i.e. the ones that won’t ask them the tough questions. With that said, how often have you seen Dr. “I’m not the least bit political” Fauci give interviews on Fox News or One America News, compared to his several-times-per-day appearances on MSNBC & CNN?

office corporate difference in pictures media cnn abc nyt post vice newsweek msnbc china flag theyre the same
if dr fauci head of transportation road signs no forward back left right
dc swamp joe biden infrastructure bill more where that came from

Rand Paul Takes Another Shot At Fauci, Suggests Biden Should ‘Burn’ His Mask To Promote Vaccines

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet will chamberlain every major democrat policy proposal designed more political power
tweet decentralized if wearing mask wont take seriously

Quote of the Day

quote joe biden who needs 20 rounds gun 25000 armed troops inauguration

Message of the Day

message dont think come to terms what done to people psychologically covid

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