04-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

easter jesus died rose celebrate bunny candy
me realizing kids talking about 90s like me 60s
receiving phone call how dare you speak to me not text
adding medieval weapons dogs beach needs to be thing
dr fauci my precious covid
kermit vs joe biden one hollow head controlled by handlers
babylon bee push for diversity military chihuahuas over shepards
clown 2 weeks slow spread shutdowns didnt work do it again

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet kevin men bury emotions take it out children tubing boat
tweet venus fly trap chooses violence subhad
tweet sandra garcia professional crazy disconnect
tweet as if 2020 schooling not bad enough ipads pants

Quote of the Day

quote orwell all tyrannies rule fraud force exposed rely on force

Message of the Day

message everday more people added to list can kiss my ass

Random Thoughts of the Day

One of the most brilliantly evil things government has ever done is to collect nearly all the taxes we pay without our conscious knowledge. Federal, state, and social security taxes are deducted from paychecks, so most people don’t even think about them as part of their real earnings. Sales taxes are factored into the purchase prices in our minds. Property taxes are usually escrowed by the bank and put into your monthly mortgage payment. Hardly anyone can tell you how much of each gallon of gas we purchase is for the tax vs the fuel itself. How much of the country even realizes they only pay half of their social security/medicare tax, as the employer pays an equal amount on their behalf? Look at your W2’s, and imagine if everyone had to write physical checks at the end of the year for the total fed, state, and social security amounts! Do you think people may then pay attention to how much the government screws them every year? How perverse is it that most people consider a tax refund or “stimulus” check some kind of gift or bonus from the government?

These taxes are just the start. Every time the government taxes a business, it adds to their cost, meaning prices go up to cover it. So the scraps of take-home pay we get to keep mean even less. When government can’t hide a tax from you somehow, they simply change its name, calling it a permit, license, toll, surcharge, or whatever. The insane trillions being spent lately will be paid for by the working people. It’s a reverse-Robin Hood transfer of wealth, which is why politicians and billionaires get richer every year.

when government took 25 percent of money gives 2 percent back sponge bob stimulus
message stop calling income tax refund overpaid got your change back

10 Reasons Why Raising Tax Rates Decrease Total Revenue (and Vice Versa)
Taxes Meme Gallery

Communist Foundation of the Democratic Party

CNN Begins the Revisionist History of the US Pandemic Response
NBC News Anchor Explains Why Media Balance and ‘Fairness Is Overrated’

mainstream media horn hate fear covid everytime turn on tv
press corps whores chris wallace jake tapper chuck todd joe biden charlies angels

It’s Come to This

chocolate bunnies easter wearing masks

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10-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

glenda youve had power to take off mask go outside all along my dear
if facebook existed april 1775 british are coming partially false only army
if your adversary joe biden calls trump lincoln as insult least racist person in room
soviet socialism worker needs to share one cookie government plateful
ironic joe biden calls trump abraham lincoln sending troops to democrat cities were in rebellion
hunter biden laying in cash yule breaking bad
obama stump trump no interest put in work biden sleeping home china ukraine cash
how can you tell told truth facebook blocks it twitter deletes google hides youtube bans conspiracy theory
how to be grown up at work replace fuck you with ok great
joe biden i would transition from oil mispoke winds down subsidies media protection

We Only Tax the Rich

Facebook Is Being Investigated by the IRS

Whenever liberals raise taxes on the rich, they always put in some loopholes for their buddies. Why do you think every new tax law change sent to Congress is thousands of pages? A simple rate increase like the one Biden has in his tax plan should be a 1-page change, right? Amazon, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft all pay single digit effective rates. With all the help they’ve given Joe Biden in this election, do you think he or a President Kamala Harris would change this? The Middle Class and small businesses inevitably get hit with the bulk of the tax burden.


Definitely No Downsides to This Policy

would you get rid of oil industry joe biden wh pollute
joe biden told them shut down oil industry horse buggy no fracking

Tweets of the Day

tweet matt walsh stay locked down 15 days 3 months until vaccine cant trust it
tweet charlie kirk who appreciate us transitioning out of fossil fuels fracking russians ukrainians biden rich

Quotes of the Day

quote beijing biden china not bad not competition
quote donald trump we cannot lock ourselves in a basement like joe biden does

Fact Check Media & Tech Will NEVER Do

fact check joe biden fracking crime bill oil industry travel ban family corruption immigration i lied

Message of the Day

message 1 percent control world 4 puppetts 90 oblivious 5 know 1 uses 4 to shut up

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10-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby elvira boobs from that point knew he loved halloweeen
birds in cage look idiot putting our lives in danger never be safe like us in prison
silent majority stepping over every stupid poll november 3rd
trump declassified documents shining light hillary brennan biden obama russia hoax
trump eating covid cereal made in china milk wheres hunter biden
europeans orange man bad get better material america racist comedian
twitter soviet union logo

Random Thought of the Day

Joe Biden, like all Democrats, claims he’s not going to raise taxes except on the “rich”. Then, they proceed to tax items that inevitably hit the lower/middle classes one way or the other. For example, a tax hike on capital gains & dividends will cause stocks to plummet, hurting anyone with a pension or retirement account. Increases in corporate taxes are simply passed on to consumers in higher prices, not to mention the negative effects on the economy such as companies fleeing to lower-tax countries (along with their jobs). Then, of course, there’s the “sin” taxes – alcohol, gas, pot, tobacco, etc. that aren’t by any means restricted to the rich. We already have trillions in annual deficits, and the Democrat spending proposals will add trillions more. It’s simply not feasible to tax only the wealthy to pay for it. Even if the rich didn’t have the best lawyers & accountants to avoid taxes, even if you took 100% of the income from the top 1 percent, you wouldn’t come even close to covering the spending.

democrats things we can tax brainstorming session
ocasio cortez theres more where that came from stealing from wallet to give

Taxes Meme Gallery
75 Types of Taxes You Pay the Government
10 Reasons Why Raising Tax Rates Decrease Total Revenue (and Vice Versa)

Tweets of the Day

tweet eddie zipperer biden packing the court positions over the years now
tweet nyt is garbage dumpster fire video evidence is misinformation while they use anonymous sources

Quote of the Day

quote malcolm x white liberal taking advantage lebron james types

Message of the Day

message democrats greatest fear black and white together

Probably the Dumbest, Most Incompetent Political Tag Team in History

message 2 reasons new york highest covid death rate bill deblasio andrew cuomo

In Case You Missed Dueling “Town Halls”

tweets town hall guthrie number of questions
tweets town hall oreilly bozell grenell tracey gutfield nbr guthrie
tweets town hall stephanopoulus fleischer kelly bradford
tweet tammy bruce former obama speech writer town hall questioner

karen samantha guthrie i want to speak to your manager
trump gladiator warrior biden spoon fed infant town halls
town hall hosts biden trump batman joker mother baby

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