08-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

cat butt zoom onlyfans call
skeletor girls am fat beautiful bro ate them
schools drugs are bad sit still adderall
used manners today bitch please
watching paper straw dissolve millionaire private jet day trip
joe biden happy little recovery painting inflation
babylon bee democrats unveil tread on me flag

Biden’s New SS/Stasi/KGB Stormtroopers

Sorry I’m behind on these. I’ve been on vacation this week. I’m thinking Biden planned his Galactic Empire expansion for when Tucker and I were both on vacation. 🤔

democrats justice department banana republic flag charge
oj simpson chase 87000 irs agents gift 1992
fbi watching hunter epstein every mass shooter blind trump sandra bullock
fbi snoopy charlie brown red cap investigation
fbi best we can do is fabricate evidence
doj fbi garland law and odor riots fraud fentanyl china spying hunter biden pelosis
biden inflation alligator help arrived irs audit
fbi new collection of uniforms germany
me waiting for fbi raid epstein client list
they live glasses fbi kgb

babylon bee fbi begin raiding homes those who criticize fbi
IRS Faces Online Uproar Over Special Agent Job Posting Requiring Ability to Use Deadly Force ‘If Necessary’

American Stasi – josh Hammer

Questions of the Day

question what if fbi looking for incriminating info evidence trump has on them
will any tax agent be investigating mysterious fortunes congress

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet people cried elon musk world hunger twitter expand irs democrats
tweet people most votes american history dont raid political opponent homes
tweet penny found better earned taxed

Quote of the Day

quote i prefer 11000 keystone pipeline workers over 87000 new agents

Message of the Day

message stop calling them elites start referring parasites

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08-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog dating site snuggling country walks drinkin toilet
bike helmet kit look dck
some days demand swear words exceed supply
turn on news jefferson grab my musket
big pharma adderall sales pitch mad men meth but for children
crash first annual biden bike race
me handing out memes 2030 social credit score doesnt allow access internet
liberal having kids expensive primitive urges stop being happy
democrats hot day in summer climate emergency
trump build the wall liberal xenophobic conservative principals biden border
biden rebound covid isolation until november 2024
griner sexism gay race cards putin

But Don’t You Dare Turn on the Air Conditioning or Eat a Cheeseburger, Peasants!

tweet taylor swift climate hypocrisy private jets

The Accountants/Lawyers Full Employment Act

Manchin Agrees to Climate, Tax Bill – Would Impose 15% Minimum Tax on Corporations & Add Imported Oil Tax

Any accountant will tell you the only thing more complicated than the U.S. individual tax system is the U.S. corporate tax system. To make matters worse, businesses must essentially maintain two sets of books, one intended for investors based on logical Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, and a second based on millions of pages of illogical politician rules written over hundreds of years. The goal of the first is to provide comparable, predictive information on a company’s financial performance, called “book income.” The goal of the second is to minimize the amount of money stolen by the government, called “taxable income.”

Since the two systems use vastly different rules, it distorts the effective rate a company is paying in taxes. For example, say a company loses $1 billion in 2021. No tax is due because there is no income to tax. Now say in 2022 the company earns $1 billion. Existing tax rules allow you to use the 2021 loss as a credit against 2022 income, so no tax is due. This makes sense since if you add the two years together, the company broke even. So in 2022, the “book income” is $1 billion, while the “taxable income” is zero. This is where the economically illiterate leftists scream, “See! Capitalism sucks! A corporation makes $1 billion and pays zero in taxes!!!”

The Manchin-Schumer “Inflation Reduction Act” imposes a 15 percent minimize tax on corporate income. So what the hell is this going to mean in practice? In the above example, a company that broke even would be paying $150 million in taxes, unless of course they put in more exceptions, phaseouts, brackets, credits, and other IRS bullshit. This is also where they bury loopholes in 3000-page bills to make sure their buddies pay nothing more, while the honest, productive companies get screwed and overall business efficiency drops again. But hey, at least they can brag on the campaign trail how they made the rich pay their “fair share.” And of course, this massive spending bill will decrease inflation. 👌🙄

biden democrats inflationreduction act red ink inflation drowning america
tweet not everyone can be genius but everyone bills name opposite what it says
biden fight inflation make business pay fair share surcharge

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet trust pee wee herman cosby oj baldwin before democrat
tweet shout out whoever 3d printed guns houston gun buy back
tweet rules for liberty kibbe dont hurt stuff responsibility business
post espn force feeding wnba stop

Quote of the Day

quote motivational cant go back change beginning start change ending

Message of the Day

message do not submit tyrants again bs masks will never end

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08-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

searching for parenting book advice all useless
peas pineapple mayonaise put aside differences
wife come in here for sex
jan 6th fed plant jfbi go to capitol ray epps trump supporters sent to jail
bill gates dr evil monkey fauci
me appealing facebook ban fck this court flynt
reading ingredients crickets
pretend no diesel engine electric vehicle charger save world
which contagion biggest america threat covid monkeypox identity politics
babylon bee white house hires this is fine dog press secretary

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet sowell painful dumbed down education vent emotions
tweet believe kohls cash better than us dollar
tweet democrats man inflation recession open border racist science denier putin puppet
tweet weather too hot solar panels

Mainstream Media & Biden – We Know Where Their Loyalties Lie

Biden Weighs Ending Trump-Era Tariffs on China in Bid to Lower Price Inflation

Biden-Manchin Bill Would Raise Taxes on Americans Making Under $400k, Raise Taxes on American Corporations

Nearly every mainstream media outlet is pointing out how removal of China tariffs could lead to price decreases, but I haven’t seen a single one point out that raising taxes on American corporations will increase prices to consumers. And generally, when one country removes tariffs & trade barriers on a country, there’s a corresponding easing by the target country. The chances of China doing that is exactly 0.00%, especially when it has their bitch in the White House.

EVERY tax increase on Americans is sold as one affecting the wealthy only, but of course, when the actual bills come out, we know that it’s rarely the case. In the Schumer-Manchin “Inflation Reduction Act,” the tax increases all hit January of 2023 or January of 2025. Ok, class, can you all tell me why they picked those particular start times?

office corporate difference in pictures media cnn abc nyt post vice newsweek msnbc china flag theyre the same
china holding joe biden on leash kneeling mask

Joe Manchin Shows His True Colors – Jeff Crouere

Quote of the Day

quote george orwell dear america didnt you read my books

Message of the Day

message be extremist media says you are farming guns family

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