02-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign tequila goes in truth comes out
if win lottery will be hints kramer pimp coat
cat trying get into heaven being friends with you people
treated sex addiction microphone
you get used to psyops false flags bs news
biden poll numbers hillary shark
joe biden putin didnt want as president full scale invasion ukraine proof lie
empty shelves never vote politicians pick fight truckers
babylon bee after china ioc iran north korea canada for next olympics
bart simpson media when credit suisse hides billions scum legally donate freedom convoy
western democracy jailing political opponents others want same thing own people
protester disabled scooter white supremacist charge
homer simpson 100 dollar gas stood up ukrainian sovereignty

Flashback Reminder

trump turns on lights caught romney pelosi biden kerry hands in cookie jar

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet cant believe sending kamala europe didnt work
tweet cruella buffalo bill dogs silence lambs
tweets biden covid deaths trump now

Quote/Random Thought of the Day

quote bill belichick ignore noise do your job

I remember back 20 years ago to the first time the Patriots won a Superbowl. They were facing the powerhouse Rams, famed for their “Greatest Show on Turf” offense and solid defense. The underdog Patriots were led by a skinny, inexperienced 6th-round QB named Tom Brady, who had taken over as starter for an injured Drew Bledsoe. During the traditional player introductions, Coach Belichick refused to allow his guys to be individually introduced, instead insisting they be introduced as a team. You know the rest, as they not only won the game but began a championship dynasty unlikely to ever be matched.

When Belichick was coaching his team, did he say, “Do something spectacular!” or “Win the game for us now?” No, his most famous instruction was always, “Do your job!” In other words, control what you can control. Fulfill your assignment. If everyone works together, we win.

How does this apply to today’s political environment? None of us on our own has the sole power to change the world, but if we do our jobs in our own corners of the world, then together we can reverse this totalitarian freight train we’re on. Control what you can control. Vote in local elections, speak up at school board meetings, refuse to obey unconstitutional Covid dictates, share memes, build a social media circle of like-minded folks, donate to charities that support self-sufficiency & spread libertarian ideals, join protests of fascists like Biden & Trudeau, and so on. If we fight together, the effect is greater than the sum of the parts, and like the aptly-named Patriots, we win!

Message of the Day

message freedom most contagious virus to man

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