11-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

weird green light came on bmw turn signal
career counselor kid bad at math reading people think never wrong will be pollster
look at presidents age beginning to end of terms bush clinton obama joe biden kamala harris
social media manipulation mainstream media angry politics collision course crash
sign they spent 4 years election interference now say it couldnt happen sign
sesame street count expert broght in for vote counting
kermit government can tell me how much owe to penny but cant count votes
nevada dont worry america we know how to work pole stripper
hillary clinton just dropping off rest of ballots
democrats going to the polls 2020 covered with i voted stickers
states counting biden votes chart addition 248 4416

Tweets of the Day

tweet kyle becker biden outperformances senators in swing states gop loses zero net house races in wi pa ga mi
tweet keith obermann james woods president should be arrested
tweet larry elder project veritax1000 tips voter fraud tulsi gabbard
tweet people who like 4 years russian dont get lecture conspiracy theories buck sexton
tweet jordan rachel joe biden crushing 115-125 age demographic
tweet bill oreilly suspicious election day in career dr samadi twitter removing followers record pace

Quote of the Day

quote joe biden we have most extensive voter fraud organization in history

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson even if trump loses hes not going away

Who Could Have Predicted This?

tweet donald trump jr people filling out multiple ballots twitter censored
tweet chuck woolery facebook removes stop the steal facebook group
tweet james woods voter fraud twitter block it nevada gop
media trump tweet unfounded usps worker arrested canadian border undelivered ballots
tweet trump bartiromo twitter out of control section 230 go to parler

The first step in preparing for a Biden presidency and potential tyranny of one-party rule in America is to develop alternative methods of communication with family and friends. Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the tech fascists cannot be relied on. For those of you who don’t know, this website once had a Facebook page. We accumulated 60,000 followers in a little over a year and were growing exponentially. Never ONCE did we post anything calling for violence or destruction of property. Never ONCE did we use racial slurs or anything overtly racist. Those who follow this page know it’s geared towards humor and knowledge. Only memes were posted on the Facebook page, and mostly toned-down ones. Without warning, Facebook removed the page along with my personal Facebook account (on which I never posted political stuff). Not a single post was cited as violating their “community standards.” There was no appeal process, and they don’t provide a way to talk to any human representative.

Of course, we’ve all seen thousands of recent Big Tech censorship examples, but you can expect it to get much worse now since there is no one in political power who will put any controls on them. So now it’s more important than ever to develop alternative communication sources. Get email addresses and phone numbers of as many friends & family as possible in case Facebook messenger is taken away. Create an account on Parler to follow your favorite conservative or libertarian without fear of censorship. Also, create an account on MeWe or some other Facebook alternative. Keep your Facebook & Twitter accounts and continue to use them as best you can to get around the censors, but be prepared to have your account purged anytime.

Switch from Google to DuckDuckGo.com for your searches. Try to use a Youtube alternative for sharing of videos you know they will censor.

It’s a shame that it’s come to this, but we can’t fight back if we can’t communicate, so get started immediately.

10 Steps to Get Friends & Family Off of Facebook/Twitter and On To MeWe, Parler, and other Alternative Social Media

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