01-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

4 moods need coffee nap vacation duct tape rope shovel
dog how to win friends influence people cat art of war
wapatooli mix cooler if drank as teens wont need vakkkks
babylon bee businesses requiring positive covid test prove vaccinatation
leftists reproduce by brainwashing others children
joe biden fear shot climate change voter id constitution
triple vacciner pfizer clown waiting in test line johnson moderna
trucker breaker 1-9 aint got face panties on
merrick garland identify as black woman
angry lady fauci cat joe rogan smudge
new mad max movie truck fu Justin trudeau
truckers protesting vaccine mandates mainstream media ignoring
neil young if wont censor guy dont like cant listen keep on rocking free world

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet kids keep young sentence life in daycare
tweet dogs wrap around pole your fault
tweet mommy not going to lose sht kids today

No One with Libertarian Leanings Need Apply

‘Treating the American Public Like Fools’: Elon Musk Sounds Off After Biden’s Comment About Electric Vehicles

tweet biden elon must tesla not invited ev conference

Elon Musk offers support to Canadian truckers amid COVID vaccine mandate

If you’re not all-in with the NWO/Great Reset/Covid Fascism, you simply will not be part of the Club.

If Today’s Mainstream Media Were Transported to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

tweet darth vader disabled war veteran takes on group armed terrorist thieves

Quote of the Day

quote bastiat tendencies not safe permit free dont trust

Message of the Day

message sorry dont like harsh honesty dont like sugar coated bs either

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