09-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

jersey 00 days sober
gen z trying to decypher cursive hierglyphics
different from friends still vibe cat dogs
dont like me but friends do so end up timeline anyway
order proof of aliens wish.com
when 97k in debt all you did was be born
afraid covid clackers truck married satans sister
climate change want marxism nuclear power
woman boss hates strong independent family oppressed degraded
meme problem group making stealing them
call of duty pokemon soviet communism target actual audiences liberals
attorney general garland same laws apply no swamp creature
non binary didnt ask bigot

Social Media Posts of the Day

x southwest flight attendant pilot top gun try new things
x 2023 in nutshell democrats republicans shoveling cash furnace
x turned 18 dad charged cereal tip
x only time wife doesnt answer text store condensed milk
x un new york should house illegal immigrants worthless building
x jacinda un speech ardern censor all videos

Quote of the Day

quote samual adams tools of the tyrant pervert plain meaning of words

Latest in Big Brother Creepiness

If you haven’t noticed it yet, the government/Big Tech overlords have added yet another tool of censorship/thought control — text/email warnings as you’re typing. For example, my wife got this on a Yahoo e-mail:

text warning check your tone apple imessage

I’m guessing algorithms are in progress (if not already completed) to check our text discussions of Covid, climate change, Biden, etc. And I’d be shocked if even the most violent, unhinged discussion of Trump gets any such interrupted texts. Of course, they’re only taking cues from Facebook and other social media companies who have now been censoring private messages to other users for years.


Message of the Day

message allegations not convictions of guilt

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