04-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign takes village raise child also distillery
big als scrap yard tinman wizard of oz
shark cage evolution blow torch
hr explaining to me smoke breaks for nicotine only pot
remember cant eat outside inside ok tents
liberal tattoos nose ring mascot of student loan forgiveness
snopes true left cant meme built constantly offended
government obedient people eating frog
mom trump right about everything nicknames twitter vote economic societal collapse instead
biden sinking polls with bag campaign cash
republicans secure the border rinos stabbing in back
venn diagram epstein diddy black book names zero arrests or trials
nfl hip drop high tackles illegal knees ok
babylon bee not outdone by trump biden releases own version of quran

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Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x teenager cds for a penny mail lying all three
x extra snack birthday 57 days
x older you get more use weather app
quote sowell indictment of judges innocent people criminals swagger
message if remain silent guilty of complicity

Totally By Design

biden they them has risen easter trans day visibility

The Ruling Class knew exactly what they were doing by having its White House puppet push a Trans Day on a religious holiday.

Link: https://twitter.com/beinlibertarian/status/1774577908570374574

message if we are fighting each other cant fight enemy ruling class
bobby king hill government wants fighting each other easier control zuckerberg

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10-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

igor frankenstein arm dog leash squirrel
highest music honor grammys no parodied by weird al yankovic
told mom bird watching golf bogeys
king kong halloween dog costume brothers
cats museum painting suffer ring empty food dish
ace ventura dont let corporate media reality fox cnn msnbc abc
mafia government pay for protection beat you up take your stuff
greta thunberg 2080 earth just 12 years left
brain dont post stir the pot mamas family
janet yellen remarkable recovery grocery bill that was a lie
mccarthy cant believe nancy pelosi portrayed me scorpion
betting board who had holy war for october

Social Media Posts of the Day

x jim jordan steven scalise republican voters poll
tweet diamonds better quality cheaper suffering worth it
x al michaels doesnt give fck how many times camera pans to taylor swift
x wife spilled tray drinks didnt charge extra sauce
x why biden admin demanding israel negotiate but not ukraine

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Message of the Day

message dont spend time beating wall hoping transform into a door

Why Is This So Hard to Understand?

eu asks elon musk censor x doesnt conform israel palestine narrative

Why is so difficult to let us just see all the facts and make up our own minds? Everyone, yes EVERYONE, knows there is fake stuff on the internet. But even on the near-impossible chance that you can get fair, unbiased, honest people to try to edit out the false information, you create two big problems:

1. You’re going to occasionally edit out stuff that turns out to be true. Covid mass censorship should have taught us this.
2. You undermine the credibility of what is actually true. In other words, if everyone knows the information presented is only the world governments/Ruling Class-approved version of the truth, we’re skeptical of EVERYTHING.

Remember that all war depends on whipping up hatred for the other side. The only way the population tolerates the sacrifices of war is if they can look at it as a battle between good and evil, where the enemy is less than human. Sometimes that may be an accurate portrayal. For example, I have no doubt Hamas targets civilians, which in and of itself is enough to justify Israel fighting back. However, when I hear despicable stories like babies being decapitated, I’m a bit skeptical. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, but Hamas’s survival depends on getting the press and world opinion on its side. Why would they do something so outrageously evil that they’d even lose much of their Muslim support? Heavy censorship by governments also makes me wonder if showing Israel’s response may just get people to conclude both sides are doing awful things, and we should just stay out of the conflict altogether. Even if all of the worst claims against Hamas are true, and the worst claims of Israeli retaliation are NOT true, the minute you push a sanitized, censored version of the truth, no one knows what to believe.

2+2 silence man says 4

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Quote of the Day

quote russell fact opinion widely held no evidence not utterly absurd

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