12-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

wife why out of tape watches me wrap present oh
dicaprio when youre in court murder but victim tests positive for covid autopsy
pizza slice plus boots equals love
planning wine tasting tour house floor plan
awkward moment santa frosty christmas display
its not christmas until i see snoopy eating 37 human femurs charlie brown
dr fauci grinch must find way to keep christmas from coming
georgia slot machine democrats come on far left agenda
were all in this together soros censorship facebook globalism fear
widespread voter fraud congress scotus mainstream media ignoring

Random Thought of the Day

I think an overlooked Covid control mechanism used by the media is to play up the “Karen” or nutcase celebrity incidents in regards to masks & social distancing. In other words, every time there’s an incident where a person goes on an angry rant against those who ignore tyrannical, nonsensensical Covid rules, it’s prominently replayed over and over in the media. An example is Tom Cruise’s unhinged attack on the Mission Impossible staffers. It sends the message, if you don’t follow the rules, you may be subject to a crazy, ranting attack by random people out there. Most people seek to avoid conflict, so they go along with it. I think the vast majority of people are sick of the Covid crap and realize masks aren’t doing a damn bit of good, so I highly doubt you’ll get any objections. Even if you do come across someone hyper about masks, they will almost always politely say, “Please put on your mask” rather than start screaming like the lunatics on TV. The new strain of Covid will undoubtedly be used to justify several more months (if not years) of mask mandates, no matter what common sense tells us. This insanity will only stop if enough people are brave enough to start telling the government & corporate overlords to fuck off.

New Study Shows Mask Mandates Had Zero Effect in Florida or Nationwide, But the Lie Continues – Scott Morefield

facemask madness ends when we all say no

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet mommy needs life thanks pinterest elf making snow angels cocain addiction

Quote of the Day

quote arnold schwarzeneggar what is point on earth if to be like everyone else

Message of the Day

message life is much better when you dont care

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