06-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

small kids healthy breakfast challenge prep kids live there
fathers day gift ideas vasectomy coffee mug power tool mommy
what makes human love care selecting traffic light images
fbi agent loki before throwing me fema camp fan memes
my generation had wonder woman yours lia
police cameraman shooter brown put down
fbi joe biden finances file investigation not conducting
naacp travel advisory florida chicago bullet sign
when entire family abandons own shtposters around world
liberal npc second amendment only applies militas start one

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet buying treadmill salesperson laundry basket
tweet mother 10yr old brothers wont leave alone imagine interruptions
tweet why women kneel proposing talking to pssy

Quote of the Day

quote lao tzu care about other people think their prisoner

Message of the Day

message post suicide prevention phone numbers all you want but stop being aholdes real life

Note on Boycotts & LGBTQ Backlash

Liberals are easy to make fun of because they overdo everything. Standing up for the rights of a minority accused of a crime is good. Protecting and releasing the most brutal of criminals just because they happen to have brown skin color is overdoing it. Standing up for the rights of consenting adults to do what they like in the privacy of their own bedroom is good. Pushing an entire Pride month every year and bombarding media every second of the day is overkill.

The recent backlash against Target and Bud Light are an obvious message that enough is enough, but at the same time, conservatives shouldn’t overcorrect the same way liberals do. In other words, let’s stay focused on what should be boycotted and attacked — i.e., the pushing of sexuality on minors or constant bludgeoning display of your sex habits where it can’t be easily avoided. In other words, I don’t give a shit if a company has LGBTQ merchandise for adults on their website or if a company advocates for equal rights among consenting adults where no one else is affected. Let’s not take the boycott backlash so far that we become the bigots they always make us out to be.

BTW, I don’t for ONE SECOND believe that Target employees were threatened for the LGBTQ displays. This BS accomplishes two things — 1) It gives Target management cover in the fix of their fuck up without arousing the ire of the militant LGBTQ influencers, or at least re-directs their anger. 2) It gives MSNBC, etc. talking points on those eeeeeeevil, intolerant, domestic terrorist conservatives. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the talking heads to substantiate the so-called employee threats. That would entail practicing actual journalism, something they’re not paid to do.

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