01-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

snow blizzard schools police buses minimum wage bosses
lightspeed ludicrous speed spaceballs coke mentos
what mexico think like robbery reality tacos sun
fed palpatine anakin raytheon boeing defense bowing
greta thunberg its cold because its hot
professionally say fafo test that assumption review results
uncle bens aunt jemima land o lakes little debbie quaker sunmaid
texas us border mayorkas illegal to keep us from breaking the law
woke matches burned sports illustrated
schwab libertarianism tear down everything government influence
texas governor abbott biden supreme court go fck yourself

Modern Monetary Theory in Action

headline turkey interest rates inflation hike

democrats spending feeding inflation balloon kids
inflation government printing spending money plug ears
democrats voodoo economics inflation mandates border spending gas prices

One Biden Stairs Stumble from the Presidency

x kamala harris parents top concerns daughters wont have access abortion
kamala harris root cause immigration free cash phones housing healthcare

Kamala Harris Meme Gallery

Social Media Posts of the Day

x son bag m&ms taxes guess how much owes me jail
x not ok andrew tate boys be strong cardi b nicki minaj girls be prostitutes
x laughing memes friends already seen faking orgasms digital era
x graph benefits bidenomics

Quote of the Day

quote bruce lee every situation temporary enjoy it or will pass soon

Message of the Day

message shoutout my people negative social credit score system not implemented yet

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