04-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

easter peep show
chickens bats easter bunny where eggs
everything wrong work used to it by now
sounds of spring birds gas tax swearing crying
until mcu says otherwise uncle ben tomei costanza
skeletor punishable by fine means legal for a price
me reporting atf agent irs
youre conservative liberal moderate no
inflation out of control zuckerberg cant afford buy election
musk bird cage twitter teach free speech

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet food blog more two sentences ordering pizza
tweet students beastie boys boy bands not ok
tweet batman reboot extrapolation
tweet muppet most relate cackling old men balcony

Quote of the Day

quote buchman enough for everyones need but not greed

No One Should Have Any Doubt At This Point

tweet response musk twitter global censorship engine
elon twitter blocking expose shadow ban censor sworn testimony thugs
tweet shapiro censorious oligarchs left wing twitter musk

Take a look at the Twitter stock chart below. From a pure business point, do you think mass conservative/libertarian censorship has been good for shareholders, which is supposed to be the #1 duty of the Board of Directors? The first yellow highlight is shortly after they used January 6th as a pretext to purge Trump and libertarian/conservatives. The 2nd highlight is when Musk got involved. What do you think will happen to the stock if Musk abandons his takeover attempt, especially with competing platforms like Truth Social gaining momentum?

twitter chart censorship bans elon musk involvement

From the Same Newspaper That Broke the Nixon Watergate Story 🙄

washington post musk appointment twitter prevent rich people communication

They’ve cracked this breaking news at about the same timeliness as the Hunter Biden laptop. 👍

Message of the Day

message stop fraud take america back boards local councils

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Libertarian Meme Gallery 3

04-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog alarm clock contraceptive bottle
love husband not always attracted toilets
kid admitted elite preschool sang love shack ballsack
free the bird elon musk censorship twitter
pronoun they police heres another ticket
sign lets go brandon kamala harris biden dumb dumber
libertarians called me madman government corrupt inept
identify non bidenary pronouns fjb lets go brandon
look what 1 dollar buy shelves
joe biden bird poop polls
elon musk introduces trump ceo

Constantly Exposing Their True Selves

The Hilarious Angle of the Whole Liberal Meltdown Over Elon Musk’s Push to Buy Twitter – Matt Vespa

media npc elon musk extremely dangerous racist bad navarro cnn
tweet twitter employees not afraid being silenced ability censor dont like
tweet business insider bezos washington post musk twitter

Twitter board adopts ‘poison pill’ to prevent Elon Musk takeover

tweet cattud poison pill twitter dumbest business move

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet chris wallace having daily breakdowns over cnn+ sucking so bad
tweet eat one billionaire rest fall in line
tweet first lady vogue noah wintour trust science

Quote of the Day

quote be decisive world paved flat squirrels

Fun Fact

fun fact 1979 jimmy carter department education us 1st 24th education

Message of the Day

message best team doctors water diet nature exercise sleep

Never Forget

fauci worst mass american history

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MSNBC Meme Gallery

09-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

if you trip fall friend ok good help up best friend walk much dumbass
blm maybe baseball politics mix was bad idea even cardboard fans leaving
please dont get political few shows later kenosha kyle flag
tshirt if north korea bombs us military should take knee let nfl players handle it
behold media invisible woman joe biden touched me where did she go
blm cancel culture racist rioters burn it down good thing came along joe biden trump bully
lebron james were not going to play anymore see nobody cares
russia china riots hate books didnt work release anonymous sources
tools that socialists use hammer sickle joe biden

Tweet of the Day

tweet sharyl attkisson scheduled scandals rolled out until november

Quote of the Day

quote left requires stay lock step with tyrannical rules but they are exception

Messages of the Day

message if masks work let people in hospitals nursing homes with loved ones if not take off children someone lying
deanna lorraine stop supporting companies that hate you alternatives gova my pillow oan ufc

Big Tech Fascism Update

twitter suspending account black lives matter jacob blake

For those of you who have Facebook groups, see below for some of the ways they use algorithms to find ways to censor you. PoliticallyIncorrectHumor.com used to have an associated Facebook page that reached 60,000 followers in 1 year and was growing quickly before being removed without warning or any appeal process. There were hundreds of comments daily posted in response to memes. All those were supposed to be monitored and censored according to Facebook standards?

facebook negative rating censorship policy

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