09-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

far side harmless lion elevator trail startles
dogs start barking head off 5 minutes
willy wonka then now making chocolate welcome to jungle
babylon bee experts aaron rodgers injury unvaccinated
shoutout memers more dispel government propaganda kramer narrative road
what time is it do not comply oclock watch
me explaining bidenomics tommy boy crash
us banks good times my profit capitalism bad our losses communism
angry liberal woman standing up toxic masculinity shaving head justice
sopranos people florida california sht newcomers
not mad they lied government media i didnt fall for it
family feud things stick up ass government masks lockdowns bug meat
babylon bee pelosi announces bid two more years insider training

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet hours before flight starbucks final boarding call marry each other
x distrust of government for you article
x kids smart important loud expensive you
x narcel movie diversity entirly nordic

Keep Fighting for “Democracy” 👍

headline zelensky wont hold ukrainian elections without financial support us eu

Lesson of the Day

lesson false flag horrific staged event blame enemy

Quote of the Day

quote zizek good people do bad things thinking

Message of the Day

message falling rocks watch obedience common sense

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08-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby so youre saying cry boobs appear
run away dont end up hospice shelter dog cat
do due tomorrow
beevis butthead cornololio score cornhole
family friends ask speak out corruption world every day
fbi proud extremist label showing off community standard violation badges
see benefits of taxes neat part you dont
trudeau carbon tax starving family medical assistance dying canada
liberals men toxic society 90 percent inmates no father
biden cant be pro insurrection american country founded jot that down
babylon bee epstein client list posted threads no one see it
laughing shoplifters will be prosecuted liberal cities
one year anniversary inflation reduction act celebrate

Standard Operating Procedure

robert peters biden alias ukraine

Corrupt politicians, especially those who’ve spent 50+ years in office, are not stupid. They’re not going to use their own information for their bribery, influence peddling, and insider trading. They use relatives, aliases, back channels, and so on to hide their corruption. This is how career politicians can accumulate tens of miilions of dollars despite salaries of $100k. Just imagine what could be discovered if we had actual journalists working in the mainstream media instead of paid propagandist shills who divide their time between defending Ruling Class slimes and destroying anyone who doesn’t fall in line with the global communist agenda.

message joe biden i lied im corrupt counting on hatred of trump msm no questions
mainstream media ignoring joe hunter biden shining trump npr msnbc cnn abc hollywood

Flashback Reminder

nuland ukraine bioreearch facilities laps conspiracy theorist

Tucker Carlson ran a monologue on this, which probably contributed to his being fired. In response, Big Tech censors and the rest of the media immediately sprung into action faster than you can say Ivermectin. Good luck finding a MSM report that actually addressed the points made, instead resorting to screaming, stop me if you’ve heard this, “conspiracy theorist” and “Russian disinformation.” 🙄

The Questions about the Biolabs in Ukraine that Everyone Should Be Asking – Tucker Carlson

FDA Forced to Walk Back Smug Anti-Ivermectin Post, Makes Huge Admission About the Drug – Western Journal

Social Media Posts of the Day

x tell wait for it edit video better
x wife richer poorer never suffered rich
x looking for keys hand senior center apple sauce
firefighters disproportionally white likelihood put lives risk save others

New Article Added

How to Make Big-Government Liberals Stop and Think

Quote of the Day

quote glenn beck biden left redine woman terrorist insurrection voter suppression

Message of the Day

message maybe about creating generation kids big government control protect

Why We Have a Constitutional Republic with a Bill of Rights Instead of Pure Democracy

four of five citizens love democracy beating

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08-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

start day with smile car mirror cat
baby yoda grogu get sht together this new year next
rand paul office sorry annoyed you constitution
2023 colonized mars call flying cars what is woman
college liberal not racist change definition until
me weird history facts innocent people
republicans 2003 not with us terrorists 2023 democrats russians
waco if government gave tyrannical order enforcers say no
gop biden bribes walks like duck democrats media proof
irs job like stealing hired
dog keynesian hide inflation wages
babylon bee global warming mysteriously spikes june august
biden billions ukraine maui no comment vacation
circle wake up news biden allegations trump indicted

Adjusted for Inflation from Last Time

joe biden 700 relief check maui residents
americans broke congress pay you 600 dollars fck off trailer park


biden 130 billion ukraine 700 dollars

Only applicants “displaced from their homes or who have critical needs” are eligible for this bonanza of cash from Biden, but even if every man, woman, and child living in Hawaii received $700, it would come to roughly $1 billion total. Just a reminder, the Pentagon made a $6.2 billion dollar “accounting error” alone in aid to Ukraine.

No Worries – Trump Will Get a Fair Trial 👍

democrats trial trump judge jury
trump knee mainstream media doj fbi gop establishment cia dnc

Keep Planting Seeds

two thirds americans 2020 elections rigged jan 6th biden crime family

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet ron paul only speak up their team in charge liberty gone
x criminals robbing stores running california nobody is coming for you calm down
x seasons for conservatives vs liberals global warming cooling ice age
x trump doing what you all thought biden would
bush hillary bill clinton kerry biden uniparty not lie if you believe it

Quote of the Day

quote souza 1860 zero republicans owned slaves democrats pay reparations

Message of the Day

message lisa cant ask government fix problems theyre causing

The Number One Reason Libertarians Still Remain a 3rd Party Despite the Two-Party Shit Show

libertarians when another has slightly different opinion friend truly dead

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