06-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

use 100 percent of brain shoot potato through tennis racket fries
real estate agent house more expensive tomorrow show
venn sisqo thong song pixar moms dumps like a truck
crt mom whats woke again parents realization kids taught marxism
joe biden world stage if lost return to pennsylvania avenue jill biden
afghanistan terrorist school suicide bomber demo
covid 1984 sign coronavirus
tv school movies music orange man bad disagree just brainwashed
babylon bee crt critical race theory teachers beat white kids sticks

Liberals Ruin Everything

Victoria’s Secret Rebrands Using Rapinoe, Chopra, Plus-Sized & Transsexual Models, and Other ‘Woke’ Activists

babylon bee nations teenage boys less interested victoria secret catalog

Liberals ruin everything they touch…sports, movies, TV, education, social media, and now this. While I acknowledge that Victoria’s Secret models are overly thin and set unhealthy standards for women, you can make small tweaks without blowing up the whole business model. What exactly was the conversation in the company marketing meeting?….”Let’s see…angry, anti-American, man-hating feminists–Bingo! THAT’S our target customer!!! Who cares what men think?! Women buy our products to impress other ‘woke’ females, not their husbands and boyfriends!” As long as we’re fixing the female model culture, why not do the same for men? Chippendales, Calvin Klein, Hanes, Magic Mike, etc. can start using 100-lb Leftist hipsters with beards & stocking caps and big, beer-bellied guys as models. Cue the Right Said Fred music….**I’m too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it huuurts**…”And coming down the runway we have Bubba, modeling the XXXXL-sized speedo, which comes with straps that flip up to support D-cup man boobs…”

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Message of the Day

message 99 percent not offended stop catering to 1 percent who are

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet doranda america kid shoes starbucks 1000 cell phone complaining capitalism failed

Update on Liberal Communist Utopia of Europe

Covid Lockdown Easing in England Delayed to July 19th

dr evil just 4 more weeks covid restrictions i promis mwhaha

Quote of the Day

quote wiesel always take sides neutrality helps oppressor

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