01-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog sleep me after being asshole all day
mcdonalds quarter pounder aw third dont argue people online
excuse me means get the fck out of my way
ar15 scarface cocaine deaths covid related
elliot what tax form equipment left afghanistan
them show me proof sends eyes covered
earth jumping variant flatten booster repeat
npc joe rogan interview medical experts trust
biden first year poll tanking start war dr evil
adele banned unjabbed now has to cancel crew members all sick

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet lied sleepover dead field vodka
tweet slow car drive right not my fault
tweet bars need sad hours everyone cook cry
tweet no one asks husband job 3 kids

Random Thoughts of the Day

7 Virginia School Boards Sue Gov. Youngkin Over Executive Order Allowing for Optional Masking in Schools

All hell is breaking loose because the new Virginia governor had the gall to issue an order permitting parents to choose if their kids must wear an obedience face diaper 40 hours/week. The school boards can’t have that! Freedom, W.T.F.???????!!!!!! Predictably, the mainstream media has wholeheartedly taken the anti-choice side of the brainwashed school boards. The lawsuit bemoans that the governor unilaterally made a decision without approval from the state Congress. Does anyone see anything remotely ironic with this lawsuit? In the past two years, we’ve had, what, THOUSANDS of unconstitutional Covid mandates issued by the President, governors, mayors, and unelected bureaucrats. But NOW we should suddenly start following the law? 🙄

Fauci, the CDC, and other so-called government scientists never want to cite specific studies to back up their dictates, but on rare occasion they do, they inevitably cite some cherry-picked studies in very controlled lab environments. Maybe there’s another large research study they should look at–the real world! They have hundreds of millions of Covid cases (if you believe the test results). Should we MAYBE look at that data when making evaluations? Is there anywhere the mask and vaccine mandates are working the way they say? Shouldn’t failure resulting in hundreds of millions of cases be better evidence than a few hundred results in a controlled lab study? 🤔

16 month old learning how to be responsible facemask
airplane sweat fact checkers trying keep up covid narrative

Demented: You Won’t Believe These New School Mask Mandates and Child Vax Proposals in California

NY State Supreme Court Judge Strikes Down Governor’s ‘Unconstitutional’ Mask Mandate

It Works, So the Government Must Stop It!

Biden’s FDA Revokes Authorization for Monoclonal Antibodies

As with Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, the government doesn’t even want you to have a CHOICE, especially when the treatments work! This goes beyond fascist control — these are truly evil people we have in charge.

government dont be afraid love you misery

Quote of the Day

quote bill gates its ok computer software designer

Even Bill Maher’s Audience Done with Covid Narrative

Link: https://rumble.com/vt5xav-even-bill-mahers-audience-has-had-enough-of-the-covid-madness.html

Message of the Day

message what are you doing nobody can stop them im nobody tank protest

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10-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

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doctors protesting no one knows why rx
february 22nd 2022 tuesday 2s only thing keeping me going
new sign for holidays go away
satan bought soul last week no returns
joe biden america thinks im number 1 flipping bird
titanic 2 search for climate change greta thought iceberg melted
amazon profit drops bezos close bathrooms diapers
kermit racism so many minorities trying to get in liberals refusing to get out
cnn just admit biden made mistake january 6th trump scream
uno final covid booster fauci draw 4s
tracking package 2021 offshore
babylon bee janet yellen tax mario coins
wick post parents no right kids education
fauci if lies were sandflies

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tweet son heath health bar new dietary consultant
tweet stop buying plastic skeletons natural better environment
tweet mommy pumpkin 800 kid activities no alcohol

Thank You Sir May I Have Another

High Stakes in Virginia – Thomas Sowell

McAuliffe Can’t Draw Crowd in Blue Arlington, and Other Cringe Details in the Final Days of Virginia Race

McAuliffe: Parental Concerns on Schools is a Fake Republican Issue, Just Like Gang Violence

mcauliffe government parents telling kids what to teach trillions equals 0 infrastructure free stuff teacher democrats

Recent polls show McAuliffe and Youngkin are statistically tied, but call me skeptical. The media keeps calling Virginia a purple state as part of their lowering of expectations in case they lose. But don’t kid yourself, this is a solid blue state. Biden won by over 10 percent in 2020, and remember Virginia is filled with DC commuters; in other words, lobbyists, lawyers, politicians, and others dependent on DC corruption for their living. Republicans haven’t won the state since 2004, and that was with RINO & defense industry heartthrob George W. Bush on the ticket. Terry McAuliffe is as wired into the Democratic political machine and DC swamp as any candidate in the country. He’s a life-long politician going back to his days working for the Jimmy Carter campaign. He was a Clinton operative throughout their reign of terror. He was also once the DNC chairman. McAuliffe has every advantage in the money & infrastructure part of our corrupt political system. The fact this race is even close shows just how fed up the actual voters are.

Youngkin could really win this thing, which would send shockwaves through the Establishment, despite the media’s propaganda campaign to make out like this is a swing state. I suspect McAuliffe will win by 1-2 points, and the media will celebrate it as a validation of the Joe Biden agenda and authoritarian Covidistan policies throughout the country. If that’s the result, as with California and New York, you Virginia voters deserve exactly what you get!

For those of you who haven’t seen Animal House, let me sum up the philosophy of these blue state voters:

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdFLPn30dvQ

Quote of the Day

quote ron paul when liberty sacrificed authoritarians never build back better

Message of the Day

message lions with us out of way of ruling class no hope for rest of you

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