10-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

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brain journey wife telling me want store
hell cookies waiting room candy corn
garbage disposal rated for bones femur chicken two kinds of people
joe biden your border city store gas president ice cream
life sucking pit despair dont care anymore
yellow highlight problems global model
joe biden knock knock whos there
biden strategic petroleum reserve emergencies disaster presidency
tulsi gabbard wokeness dumping democratic party
cdc outside circle of trust
fettterman biden invite make john sound coherent
spirit halloween ukraine energy specialist hunter biden costume spirit halloween

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tweet candy corn decorative ate embarrassed
tweet fish in sticks parenting for you
tweet kid restaurant beer 5 star review

Quote of the Day

quote mlk martin luther king end remember not words enemies silence of friends

The Only Thing That Matters to Biden? In Two Weeks, Suckering Enough of Americans to Maintain His Unchecked Power

tweet biden railroad strike postpone after november election

Message of the Day

message why anti communist fascist authoritarian

More Tips on Stopping Another Steal

how to help election day voter fraud poll worker

Every time Democrats oppose voter ID or any other common sense voter integrity measure (and they will), get right in their face and ask them if they support ANY measure to counter voter fraud! Rightly accuse them of wanting to preserve the ability to cheat and FORCE them to prove you wrong.

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10-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

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50 percent homeowning strange noises ghosts afford fix
pebble christmas songs october jingle bell rock
chinese stop sweatshops order
tv screen anti virus wipes cnn msnbc abc cbs
tim ryan sheeps clothing elect me make energy affordable again
genesiustimes white house press secretary replaced by literal gaslight
sign zest cafe almond milk chalk
babylon bee 9 upsides of nuclear apocalypse

They Really Needed a Study?

Study Shows Covid Lockdowns and Masks Significantly Impaired Babies Development Skills
ACT Scores Fall to Lowest Level in 30 years…and It’s Not Hard to Guess Why

doctor cash completely baffled

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tweet alex jones faunci walensky biden when paying up
tweet white house stop oil product combat climate change other countries
tweet 1999 matrix peak humanity next 23 years
tweet my kid something scary cashier groceries

Quote of the Day

quote mark twain dont let schooling interfere education

Prevent Another 2020

I know a lot of you think it’s useless to vote since Democrats will simply cheat, as they did in 2020. There’s no doubt they will attempt this again, but now way too many people are awake to their methods. There will be a lot of eyes on every ballot location, and they simply won’t be able to pull all the same shenanigans as last time, except maybe in leftist locations that are so far gone they might as well officially declare their own communist dictatorships.

Here are some ways you personally can help prevent the same kind of fraud:

  1. Vote. While you’re standing in line, observe as much as you can of the location.
  2. Video record on your phones anything suspicious.
  3. Volunteer to be a poll worker. Make sure the vote recording & counting is fair.
  4. Push local officials for audits, photo ID, and any other kind of verification/voting integrity requirements you can get.
  5. Share! Share ANY signs of cheating to the web (before it is censored), share to local news outlets, and share to any prominent national conservatives who are collecting the evidence.

I firmly believe that many Democrats encourage stories of voter fraud and cheating. They want conservatives & libertarians so discouraged that they simply give up and stay home. Then, it becomes a self-fulfilling operation, and they don’t even have to cheat.

I realize many of you are also fed up with Republicans. I’m totally with you there, but at this point, I’m most concerned with minimizing the destruction Joe Biden can spread in the next two years without any checks on power. You’re already witnessed the damage to date. Also remember that while nationally both parties often seem the same, local elections can make a HUGE difference. Think anyone who lived in areas controlled by Democrat governors & mayors noticed a difference in Covid tyranny? Do you want to face more dictatorial executive orders closing your business, masking you every waking hour, and forcing whatever new untested vaccines & treatments their campaign contributor companies whip up? Do you want your kids to finish their education without seeing classmates’ faces or over Zoom?

Don’t let it happen!

mask policy 2022 fauci boss robber biden inflation under control
democrats nuclear family no war yes
taxpayer funds laundering climate change inflation democrats

Message of the Day

message 1 percent control world puppets sleeping use

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12-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

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spirit animal bud light armadillo
sign have we tried throwing politician into volcano to appease virus yet
spiking punch backstage drag queen show liquid viagra
shirt i dont coparent with government
fauci german shepard dogs sniper
return tv got at smash and grab
truck just regular mom trying not to raise liberals
scientists expect severe illness death best omicron nose and headache
media you in lets go brandon hate ignoring inflation crime biden lies
wonka watching vaccinated people catch covid 19 being around others

“Conspiracy Theory” = Spoiler Alert

vaccine conspiracy theories compared to today

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tweet jason bassler nhl nfl nba harvard false security live in reality
tweet kristi noem no federal solution sd trust citizens

Quote of the Day

quote ziglar not willing to learn if determined

Messages of the Day

message bank account digital increase balance fraud fed monetary policy
message if show vax passport matrix missed point first 3 took blue pill

Last Ditch Effort at Permanent One-Party Rule

Unsustainable federal debt, inflation, labor shortages, crime, supply chain bottlenecks, Covid, and so on….there are plenty of huge problems to address in America. So what have Democrats and the mainstream media coordinated as their new focus? The laughably named “Voting Rights Act,” or what should be called the “Preserve & Enhance the Ability to Cheat Act.” You see, Democrats see the polls and know they’re heading for a shellacking in November, that is, unless they can change the rules so drastically that they can use every dishonest, underhanded method possible to ensure they maintain power forever. Some of the provisions, along with how it can be used to cheat:

* Makes it illegal in any voting district across the country to require a photo ID. [Obviously, no photo verification invites fraud and non-citizen voting]
* Appoints a “non-partisan” federal committee to handle all gerrymandering. [You can bet this will be non-partisan in the same way Big Tech “fact-checking” is non-partisan. In other words, Dem billionaires like George Soros will establish redistricting organizations and slap the non-partisan label on them]
* Makes all “emergency” voting rules put in pace for the plandemic permanent. [Unverified absentee voting, ballot harvesting, prevention of forensic audits, and all the other BS that got Biden elected will become permanent law]
* Automatic voter registration [This creates opportunities for non-citizens to be added to voter rolls and creates the likelihood of some voters voting in multiple districts (for example, college students voting in both their hometown and college towns)]

Everything in this Soviet-style bill is about destroying any ability to protect voter integrity. Don’t let a gaslighting media tell you anything otherwise.

widespread voter fraud congress scotus mainstream media ignoring
leaving costco requires more documentation than voting new york california
forcing eyes open trying to get biden voters to see fraud evidence

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