12-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

spirit animal bud light armadillo
sign have we tried throwing politician into volcano to appease virus yet
spiking punch backstage drag queen show liquid viagra
shirt i dont coparent with government
fauci german shepard dogs sniper
return tv got at smash and grab
truck just regular mom trying not to raise liberals
scientists expect severe illness death best omicron nose and headache
media you in lets go brandon hate ignoring inflation crime biden lies
wonka watching vaccinated people catch covid 19 being around others

“Conspiracy Theory” = Spoiler Alert

vaccine conspiracy theories compared to today

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jason bassler nhl nfl nba harvard false security live in reality
tweet kristi noem no federal solution sd trust citizens

Quote of the Day

quote ziglar not willing to learn if determined

Messages of the Day

message bank account digital increase balance fraud fed monetary policy
message if show vax passport matrix missed point first 3 took blue pill

Last Ditch Effort at Permanent One-Party Rule

Unsustainable federal debt, inflation, labor shortages, crime, supply chain bottlenecks, Covid, and so on….there are plenty of huge problems to address in America. So what have Democrats and the mainstream media coordinated as their new focus? The laughably named “Voting Rights Act,” or what should be called the “Preserve & Enhance the Ability to Cheat Act.” You see, Democrats see the polls and know they’re heading for a shellacking in November, that is, unless they can change the rules so drastically that they can use every dishonest, underhanded method possible to ensure they maintain power forever. Some of the provisions, along with how it can be used to cheat:

* Makes it illegal in any voting district across the country to require a photo ID. [Obviously, no photo verification invites fraud and non-citizen voting]
* Appoints a “non-partisan” federal committee to handle all gerrymandering. [You can bet this will be non-partisan in the same way Big Tech “fact-checking” is non-partisan. In other words, Dem billionaires like George Soros will establish redistricting organizations and slap the non-partisan label on them]
* Makes all “emergency” voting rules put in pace for the plandemic permanent. [Unverified absentee voting, ballot harvesting, prevention of forensic audits, and all the other BS that got Biden elected will become permanent law]
* Automatic voter registration [This creates opportunities for non-citizens to be added to voter rolls and creates the likelihood of some voters voting in multiple districts (for example, college students voting in both their hometown and college towns)]

Everything in this Soviet-style bill is about destroying any ability to protect voter integrity. Don’t let a gaslighting media tell you anything otherwise.

widespread voter fraud congress scotus mainstream media ignoring
leaving costco requires more documentation than voting new york california
forcing eyes open trying to get biden voters to see fraud evidence

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11-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

family video sorry netflix were open sign
me losing virginity to celebrity everyone at wax museum
christmas gift bell ring for boobies
woman in front of me airport security bottle of frozen water not liquid
worth of government provided services small total tax revenue puff daddy
cnn nose growing why dont you trust the media trump voter
they live glasses joe biden build back better beijing china
covid more deadly when people are obese close the gyms dr evil
sweden prolockdown people exorcism

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet days having big nose not excuse for wearing mask i still wear underwear
tweet james therapy amazing dont want to die anymore no can articulate why
tweet adam karpiak emotional support liquor ice cream no one can question
tweet not worst marriage sounds cool until realize person next to you most likely to murder you

Quote of the Day

quote freedom makes huge requirement responsibility if not carry own weight frightening prospect

Message of the Day

message tell you cancel thanksgiving christmas but not black friday

Lesson of the Day

Most people know the role of auditors in regards to taxes, but the function is necessary throughout the government and business world. Auditors provide a double-check to assure accuracy and adherence to requirements. Large public corporations must by law have their financial statements audited by a Certification Public Accounting firm. In accounting, it’s completely impractical to double-check EVERY transaction. Imagine having to verify every Walmart or Amazon transaction! So auditors use random samples. Anyone who’s studied statistics can tell you with a big enough representative sample, you can predict the overall population to a near 100% certainty. Everyone makes mistakes now and then, but a statistically significant failure in the sample leads to complete rejection of the financial statements, fines, and possibly criminal indictments for company officers.

My question is why don’t we have the same auditing samples for voting? Without some kind of double-check procedure, almost any kind of cheating and fraud can take place. Why can’t we, for example, register each person’s vote in an online database accessible by the voter and an independent audit company? And if a statistically significant sample of any county is shown to be inaccurate, the entire block of votes in the county is thrown out with a county re-vote triggered (under close surveillance & oversight), plus county officials in charge of the vote would be subject to criminal investigation.

Auditing is effective not only because the audit itself catches errors & fraud, it also works by creating a deterrent. In other words, people will be more careful with counting and are less likely to cheat simply because there’s a penalty if they don’t. As with photo ID’s, this is a simple way to ensure the integrity of our voting system. Without these checks & verifications, we’re no better than a banana republic or communist dictatorship. In the upcoming years, watch carefully who opposes any kind of voter ID or auditing. Despite their nonsensical cries of racism & voter suppression, these people simply are wearing alarm bells showing us who plans to cheat in future elections.

smoke election 2020 investigate media no evidence widespread fire
riddle me this if voter fraud so low why do liberals throw temper tantrum when check
fbi blind birdbox when democrat voter fraud exposed

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11-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

its probably my age that tricks people into thinking im an adult
teacher did you grade my test do your homework potter spells
when citizens complain lives destroyed economic shutdown governors some peasant joke dont understand
democrats gop racist hate women poor people destroy our country lets work together
babylon bee hardworking plumber looks forward to paying for neighbors gender studies degree
democrats pipe beating trump support list time to heal

In Case You Fell Asleep Early on 11/3

vote counts stopped biden trump pennsylvania wi mi ga ohio
message trump won every key performance indicator usual landslide

Mainstream Media -> It’s Not That Tough to Find If You Actually Look

stolen election new york times here is the evidence

Do you think there’s ever been a crime in the history of the world where you couldn’t prove it? Even if you can’t “prove” something beyond a shadow of a doubt, that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, especially when you apply a little common sense. For example, if two people are put alone in a closet together, and one of them is strangled to death, you know who did it. In today’s mainstream media fantasy land, they’d be saying, “But, but you have no actual proof that person strangled the other. No one witnessed the actual strangling.”

In the case of voter fraud, there is tons more evidence presented daily, so the few remaining journalists with a shred of honesty have switched the story to, “You don’t have proof of fraud that would change enough votes to overturn the election.” Again, use your common sense. If you take a random sample of 1000 votes out of 100,000 and find 500 to be illegally switched from Trump to Biden, it’s a pretty strong indicator the whole 100,000 voting block is tainted. In the mainstream media world, they’d say, “Well, the margin was 8000, so 500 votes won’t make up the difference?” There were over 153 million votes cast in the 2020 presidential election. Is it realistic to “prove” every single one was properly recorded & counted?

Anyone with basic critical thinking skills know there were some shenanigans in the election. We don’t know how widespread they were, but the media will continue to contort and deny deny deny. “Donald Trump continues to make false and unsubstantiated charges that person 1 strangled person 2 in the closet. And it is highly unethical for us to show anymore of his press conferences. Let’s go to our panel of five angry socialists for further discussion of why we should hate Trump.”

cheaties joe biden breakfast of democrats mainstream media
welcome to 2020 election where votes appear out of thin air facts dont matter
forrest gump just like that 2020 russia didnt meddle elections 100 percent secure

Message of the Day

message dont blame clown for acting like clown ask why keep going to circus

Tweet/Parley of the Day

tweet mama baby dada uncle bartholomex this is bullshit

Question of the Day

if lockdowns worked why are we having another if didnt work why another

Quote of the Day

quote everything in life reflection of choice want different result make different choice

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