11-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

forrest gump everyone waiting im pretty tired think ill go home now
things like bacon wrapped oreos why cant have free heatlhcare
sign rite aid pharmacy get your f u shot
2020 election counting ballons minutes remaining copy windows box
forrest gump not smart man even i know no precinct 100 percent democrat voters
babylon bee experts call 15 days of counting flatten the curve trump votes
you know what would fix all of this voting in person with id
american idol could count 150 million votes during one commercial break
sign when you try kill everyone plandemic accidentally cause mass awakening
meet the fuckups hillary obama pelosi biden schiff aoc
when you post blatant sarcasm fact checkers flag it as false information gump are you stupid or something
babylon bee pollsters claim polls 100 percent accurate everyone voted wrong
sleepy joe biden kamala harris magic ballot bus

Tweets of the Day

tweet bradley thomas both parties cheat 2020 elections want to run healthcare
tweet republicans picking up house seats didnt lose state legislature senate hold charlie kirk
tweet tallie what are you guys wearing to civil war next week
2000 gore loses florida fought to december trump give up day after
tweet bill oreilly not one of 68 million trump voters think not chicanery in election
tweet nyt graph absentee voting ranges mi pa compared to other states

Message of the Day

message my mask inside my immune system you have one too

Quote of the Day

quote tony soprano someday soon families of own remember moments like this

Random Thought of the Day

I hear a lot of chatter that Trump still has a chance, that he is someone who will fight to the end, and that I should keep the faith. Unfortunately, I’ve accepted that he’s going to lose simply because I have zero faith in the system. I have no doubt that Republicans & Democrats would both cheat on voting if they could get away with it. However, if Republicans do it, the media would relentlessly come after them no-holds-barred. In addition, the FBI, Homeland Security, state & federal attorney general offices, and everyone else in the Deep State would expose it. As for Democrats, do you think for a second the media would care? They would ignore or ridicule the voter fraud allegations as they always do when they come from the Right. Tech companies have already started censoring anything that remotely hints at anti-Trump voter fraud. And we’ve all watched as absolutely nothing has been done about the Obama, Hillary, and other scandals of the Left the past couple decades. So where is the incentive for them NOT to cheat?

Sorry to be pessimistic, but we still have a lot of work to do to wake people up and expose the corruption of the Ruling Class & their enablers. Also, don’t be too sure the Republicans hang onto Senate control. While the percentages say they’ll hang on, I can guarantee you the Democrats will pull the same shit with the Georgia runoff elections. Our democracy can survive the Biden/Harris years as long as we have SOME check on their power. If they take the Senate and can pack the Supreme Court, our freedom truly does hang in the balance, and you can bet on some kind of civil war down the road.

Don’t misunderstand, I think we should still fight like hell to expose the voter fraud and get Trump re-elected! I just want to inject some realism into what we’re dealing with here. Keep in mind, though, that just because we’ve lost a battle, it doesn’t mean we’ve lost the war. In the coming days, I will talk about how, regardless of what happens, we can lick our wounds, recover, and prepare for the future.

quote ronald reagan freedom only one generation from extinction
message 1 percent control world 4 puppetts 90 oblivious 5 know 1 uses 4 to shut up

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Election 2020 Update

My prediction is that Joe Biden will be the next president. Does anyone believe for a second that last-minute, uncounted, and “found” votes will go Trump’s way? I expect a ton of irregularities and credible allegations of voter fraud, but the media will go into blackout/protection mode to squash any such stories. Trump and anyone pointing out such irregularities will be denounced as “dividing the nation,” “undermining democracy,” and as being “conspiracy theorists.” Court decisions will prevent the auditing & double-checking of several blocks of disputed votes. Facebook, Twitter, etc. will censor any posts that question voter results. Of course, half the country will happily go along with this all since their candidate won. Why should the foundations of democracy matter as long as you get your power back, right?

On the flip side though, it looks like Republicans will maintain control of the Senate and should pick up a few seats in the House. Divided government usually means both sides’ ability to f**k things up is minimized somewhat. I’d love to say the nation will come together after this, but unfortunately both candidate’s divisive rhetoric as well as the abhorrent actions of the media and Big Tech will ensure that doesn’t happen anytime soon. Maybe it will be enough though that a 3rd party FINALLY becomes viable in the next 4 years.

democrats out registering last minute voters november 3rd 2020
138k new votes go 100 percent to trump not suspicious
tweet michael cromwell states werent called democratic governors rino
sleepy joe biden socialism for dummies
antifa blm riots media all the trump supporters may riot fire everything fine
there are no joe biden voters only trump and anti trump voters change my mind

11-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

2016 maga first woman president 2020 please let it be over signs
annie tomorrow commercials are over tomorrow
when apple launches first car frame tires only some parts not included
be sure to vote only biden starter pack kamala harris im speaking snl pelosi npr msnbc
wanted poster patriots willing to speak up to save america
joe biden basement am i president yet
sign you can vote without posting a sticker
early voting carrie election day bucket blood
barack obama i weaponized irs cia fbi doj isis trump the american people
joe biden since 1972 vote for me ill fix it 47 years why we need term limits
sad day when scared of what democrats will do if elected or not elected
vote ballot trump vs democrat cnn abc cbs nbc nyt twitter facebook fbi
joe biden thanking one of mail in voters walking dead
media pulling biden sleeping in bed november 3rd
us france germany italy rest of world cant stop virus joe biden has plan
lisa simpson joe biden doom gloom not winning campaign strategy
chelsea handler had remind black person back of bus cant eat there cant vote trump
joe biden statue liberty sling shot
babylon bee business owners boarding up in case party of tolerance protests riots looting

Tweets of the Day

tweet glenn greewalk resign intercept censorship joe biden
tweet donald trump jr want gay married couples able to protect marijuana plants with guns
tweet richard grenell wolf blitzer fanned flames of hate shocked now

Quotes of the Day

quote every election determined by people show up larry sabato
quote people shouldnt be afraid of government they should be afraid of people vote alan moore

Message of the Day

message make america great again girl soviet woman choose wisely
trump hugging us flag joe biden chinese flag

Honest Democrat Ad

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UvavR4AhLk&feature=youtu.be

Random Thoughts of the Day

I’m guessing if you ask people in the U.S. who will win the presidential election, 90 percent would name the candidate they themselves voted for. Why? It’s due to the common human weakness of confirmation bias. That is, the tendency to seek out and interpret information favorable to your existing views, and discount or ignore information that counters your views; specifically, in regards to polls and campaign enthusiasm. Those that stick to mainstream media sources are believing “all adults” and “registered voters” polls that show Biden in big leads. Trump supporters tend to believe Rasmussen and Trafalger polls of “likely voters,” while putting a lot of weight on rally crowd size and “shy Trump voters.” That is why you see predictions all over the place from Biden landslide to Trump landslide. I have no idea what will happen. I suspect it will be a close election that comes down to a few states like Pennsylvania & Wisconsin, but I don’t have a lot of confidence because it’s impossible to predict the impact of voter fraud. There is no way in hell the election was ever going to be by a 10-point margin, but I suspect the media has been hyping polls with that margin so fewer questions are asked when voting corruption is discovered, which will quickly be thrown in the “Russian disinformation” or “conspiracy theory” categories.

I’ve always believed in a philosophy of “hope the best, but plan for the worst.” Accept in your mind that Biden will win, and plan what you will do then. I’ve always believed that things have to get worse before they gets better in this country, as too many people haven’t learned the hard lessons yet of how our freedoms are being eroded. Biden is by no means leading some kind of ideological revolution, so I suspect that even if he wins, his incompetence and unpopularity will lead to a libertarian/freedom-seeking revolution in 2022 and 2024. So keep your chin up regardless of what happens. America will win, one way or the other!

american eagle wrestling flag from nazis soviets toppling statues

Let the Games Begin

2016 electoral map trump clinton states

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