12-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

spirit animal bud light armadillo
sign have we tried throwing politician into volcano to appease virus yet
spiking punch backstage drag queen show liquid viagra
shirt i dont coparent with government
fauci german shepard dogs sniper
return tv got at smash and grab
truck just regular mom trying not to raise liberals
scientists expect severe illness death best omicron nose and headache
media you in lets go brandon hate ignoring inflation crime biden lies
wonka watching vaccinated people catch covid 19 being around others

“Conspiracy Theory” = Spoiler Alert

vaccine conspiracy theories compared to today

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jason bassler nhl nfl nba harvard false security live in reality
tweet kristi noem no federal solution sd trust citizens

Quote of the Day

quote ziglar not willing to learn if determined

Messages of the Day

message bank account digital increase balance fraud fed monetary policy
message if show vax passport matrix missed point first 3 took blue pill

Last Ditch Effort at Permanent One-Party Rule

Unsustainable federal debt, inflation, labor shortages, crime, supply chain bottlenecks, Covid, and so on….there are plenty of huge problems to address in America. So what have Democrats and the mainstream media coordinated as their new focus? The laughably named “Voting Rights Act,” or what should be called the “Preserve & Enhance the Ability to Cheat Act.” You see, Democrats see the polls and know they’re heading for a shellacking in November, that is, unless they can change the rules so drastically that they can use every dishonest, underhanded method possible to ensure they maintain power forever. Some of the provisions, along with how it can be used to cheat:

* Makes it illegal in any voting district across the country to require a photo ID. [Obviously, no photo verification invites fraud and non-citizen voting]
* Appoints a “non-partisan” federal committee to handle all gerrymandering. [You can bet this will be non-partisan in the same way Big Tech “fact-checking” is non-partisan. In other words, Dem billionaires like George Soros will establish redistricting organizations and slap the non-partisan label on them]
* Makes all “emergency” voting rules put in pace for the plandemic permanent. [Unverified absentee voting, ballot harvesting, prevention of forensic audits, and all the other BS that got Biden elected will become permanent law]
* Automatic voter registration [This creates opportunities for non-citizens to be added to voter rolls and creates the likelihood of some voters voting in multiple districts (for example, college students voting in both their hometown and college towns)]

Everything in this Soviet-style bill is about destroying any ability to protect voter integrity. Don’t let a gaslighting media tell you anything otherwise.

widespread voter fraud congress scotus mainstream media ignoring
leaving costco requires more documentation than voting new york california
forcing eyes open trying to get biden voters to see fraud evidence

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09-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dentists cats 9 of 10 smudge
perfect placement doesnt exist skeletons 69
so tired worked 60 hours government crazy wheres my cut
you put me family risk obedience to criminal government corrupt media
5 year old wish infinity dollars give people wreck economy federal reserve fed
sign took anyone grow up to be president too far
joe biden need more bridges infrastructure shelter migrants next border fiasco
dr fauci did not have financial relations with that lab
babylon bee biden usa can afford 3.5 trillion china credit card cool visa low introductory rate debt

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dad kids spooky story internet olden days scream turned it on
tweet yard dad wife toes boobs try
tweet hal son ufc fight beat up talked too much pokemon

Quote of the Day

quote joe biden speak incoherently carry no stick szu

The DC Swamp Always Sticks Together

Bush Endorses, Fund-Raises for Liz Cheney in Reelection Campaign

message dc swamp didnt get drained low enough see hideous creatures

The One Sure Way to Ensure a Violent Uprising

We all know the Left has near total control of Big Tech, the Mainstream Media, public education, Hollywood, and other major influencers of information. They currently hold the majority of political power. And any honest person knows the censorship, bias, and questionable voting procedures in 2020 were indicative of a fixed election, despite the constant gaslighting of the same media that questioned the 2016 election results regularly for 4 years. But the vast majority of the American public has woken up to the conspiracies of the Ruling Class. They’re sick of the constant erosion of freedom carried out by the Branch Covidians. The anger has reached a level not seen since the Civil War.

However, most of us maintain the hope we can fix things the way we’re supposed to–with elections, starting with the midterms. When Barack Obama ran his massive expansion of government and his screw up of the healthcare system in his first two years in office, the Tea Party led an electoral backlash that kicked the crap out of the Democrats in 2010. Based on Biden’s exceeding all expectations of incompetency, corruption, and overreach, this should happen again in 2022. Democrats know this, so they’re putting in voting verification loopholes to make sure they can once again rely on cheating to keep them in power. If you doubt this, find me ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT POLITICIAN IN THE COUNTRY who supports voter ID or any kind of auditing or election verification. They cry racism and other nonsensical crap because they know no honest, common sense arguments can justify fighting these controls.

There is no quicker way to tear the country apart and guarantee a violent backlash than to take away the only peaceful way citizens can fight back against a tyrannical government. If the majority of the country has zero trust in our elections, what recourse do they have? Why should they obey any laws when they feel they have absolutely no way to change them? Election integrity has to be fixed! There is no alternative except American Civil War II.

Universal Voting by Mail Is Now Permanent in This State
Waking Up: A Majority of Americans No Longer Trust Biden on COVID

arozona ballot irregularities democrats hear see speak no evil
forcing eyes open trying to get biden voters to see fraud evidence
tweet catturd continue with mail in votes republicans never win election again we all know why

Message of the Day

message dog sheep feel like this right now youre normal

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07-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

im sorry jack rose titanic not enough room throw pillows
sign bikers give notice walkers next monday
leftists leaping wall for communism cubans climbing out of
used car salesman you can fit 4 joe biden rallies in here
joe biden raising your taxes gave all your money away
democrats reviving racism america clear critical race theory crt
joe biden done more campaigning stop election audits that becoming president

Since Biden Already Has the Position Filled in the U.S.

when bernie sanders hears cuban communist dictator position open

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jessie mommie scary story dad said calm down
tweet mommy cusses baby gate murderer

Quote of the Day

quote ron swanson fish sport vegetable meat

When You Take Away All Our Options

The success of a democracy is built around free speech and reliable, fair elections. Almost all Americans are peaceful, and since most don’t like the way the country is governed, we simply want to spread our ideas and vote out the corrupt, incompetent politicians in charge. However, if you take away all 1st Amendment freedoms with the assistance of Big Tech and dictatorial governors using Covid “emergency” powers, then do everything you can to undermine fair elections, people stop believing they have any choice but to revolt. Almost half the country seems unconcerned with free speech curbs & the changing of voting rules that make it easier to cheat. The reason — “their” side is in power…or so they think. Eventually, there may come a time when these same people may realize their political beliefs are no longer aligned with the Ruling Class, but at that point, they will have already given up the foundations of American democracy. And even if they don’t, even if 40 percent of the country remains extremist liberal to the core, do you think it’s healthy for over half the country to perceive the voting system is rigged? Do you think that is good for peace & stability?

Maybe it’s worth going through minor inconveniences like presenting a voter ID in order to preserve the integrity & reliability of the whole system? And maybe it’s worth occasional “misinformation” and perceived “hate speech” to keep our 1st Amendment freedoms intact, giving people the feeling they can address the wrongs in society without being stifled & filtered by Big Tech Thought Police? Leftists out there better figure it out quickly if they don’t want to see a real insurrection, not some pitiful, tiny protest that whiny, propaganda-spewing “journalists” cry about every day on MSNBC & CNN.

joe biden when give speech against election audits fraud revealed georgia
tree falls in wood no one fact checks voting law scare tactics lie
tweet malice which represent politics mcconnell biden jan 6 rioters poll

Message of the Day

message revenge is below me but accidents will happen

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