03-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

groundhog day march again or still bill murray
2025 whos my daddy was wearing mask
old heart attack overheard tenns 90s music classics oldies
simpsons restaurant mask im saving the world
alien take me to your leader bad time joe biden
humpty dumpty wall cant rule out coronavirus
kimmel colbert fallon still not doing biden jokes
babylon bee experts warn lifting mask mandate dangerous spread of freedom
angry lady cat smudge whisper dirty things litter box kitchen underwear
joe biden free health care shirt stuff welcome immigrants covid

Getting More Ridiculous by the Day

survive 250 mph crash liberal reads dr seuss
tweet ebay pulls dr seuss but not hitler mein kampf
imagine so unhappy with life offended by plastic potato
paddington bears father mother he she hate speech

Quotes of the Day

quote candace owens leftists texas mississippi
quote joe biden hispanic african dont know how to get online covid

“Preserve Right to Cheat Every Way Possible” Bill

Democrats Pushing to Permanently Rig Elections? – Derek Hunter

lincoln best way unify country cast more doubt on elections hr 1

So let’s look at what the Democrats have focused on their first month in power–Trump impeachment, a “Voter Rights” act, a border wall construction halt, an Illegal Immigrant Amnesty bill, and a “Covid Relief” package for bailouts of blue states and kickbacks to Dem donors. Notice a theme?! EVERYTHING is geared solely towards preserving & expanding their power. Nothing else matters. Maybe the next “insurrection” should involve more than costumes and selfie sticks.

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet gary sheffield if joe biden album apple forced

Message of the Day

message when one person says this is wrong helps others do the same

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