12-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

spirit animal bud light armadillo
sign have we tried throwing politician into volcano to appease virus yet
spiking punch backstage drag queen show liquid viagra
shirt i dont coparent with government
fauci german shepard dogs sniper
return tv got at smash and grab
truck just regular mom trying not to raise liberals
scientists expect severe illness death best omicron nose and headache
media you in lets go brandon hate ignoring inflation crime biden lies
wonka watching vaccinated people catch covid 19 being around others

“Conspiracy Theory” = Spoiler Alert

vaccine conspiracy theories compared to today

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet jason bassler nhl nfl nba harvard false security live in reality
tweet kristi noem no federal solution sd trust citizens

Quote of the Day

quote ziglar not willing to learn if determined

Messages of the Day

message bank account digital increase balance fraud fed monetary policy
message if show vax passport matrix missed point first 3 took blue pill

Last Ditch Effort at Permanent One-Party Rule

Unsustainable federal debt, inflation, labor shortages, crime, supply chain bottlenecks, Covid, and so on….there are plenty of huge problems to address in America. So what have Democrats and the mainstream media coordinated as their new focus? The laughably named “Voting Rights Act,” or what should be called the “Preserve & Enhance the Ability to Cheat Act.” You see, Democrats see the polls and know they’re heading for a shellacking in November, that is, unless they can change the rules so drastically that they can use every dishonest, underhanded method possible to ensure they maintain power forever. Some of the provisions, along with how it can be used to cheat:

* Makes it illegal in any voting district across the country to require a photo ID. [Obviously, no photo verification invites fraud and non-citizen voting]
* Appoints a “non-partisan” federal committee to handle all gerrymandering. [You can bet this will be non-partisan in the same way Big Tech “fact-checking” is non-partisan. In other words, Dem billionaires like George Soros will establish redistricting organizations and slap the non-partisan label on them]
* Makes all “emergency” voting rules put in pace for the plandemic permanent. [Unverified absentee voting, ballot harvesting, prevention of forensic audits, and all the other BS that got Biden elected will become permanent law]
* Automatic voter registration [This creates opportunities for non-citizens to be added to voter rolls and creates the likelihood of some voters voting in multiple districts (for example, college students voting in both their hometown and college towns)]

Everything in this Soviet-style bill is about destroying any ability to protect voter integrity. Don’t let a gaslighting media tell you anything otherwise.

widespread voter fraud congress scotus mainstream media ignoring
leaving costco requires more documentation than voting new york california
forcing eyes open trying to get biden voters to see fraud evidence

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