05-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

drove past spoiled rotten brat car dog
explaining dad anti virus spam case
wife motorcycle lose sidecar driving
who wants hang out s&m lasagna
kid art museum cant swipe it son walk to next painting security
information about post computer connected internet spoon fed
mayorkas borders not open carried shoulders
biden washing spin cycle money laundering ukraine china romania
politician insider trading irs waiter pay bills audited

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet husband dishwasher flirting wednesday
tweet receptors brain floating serotonin none for me
tweet kid half eaten butter bed mystery

Quote of the Day

quote han solo bid deal women always figure out truth always

Message of the Day

message when fully trust one of two results person for life lesson


I’ve been rewatching the Walking Dead lately on Netflix. It was a great show the first few seasons, then it became excruciatingly slow-moving with just barely enough action to keep me watching. I stopped watching altogether around season 7 or 8, so I’m now rewatching to see how it ended. I now remember why I quit watching. It’s one of the 1000+ shows nowadays that must prove its “art” and hipness by telling the story out of chronological order. Leave show at cliffhanger, now rewind, fast-forward, return to cliffhanger, rewind again, now go into hyperspace, cue the dream sequence, now do a whole episode of some character having hallucinations, and so on. Wait, we need our Emmy nomination, so put in some scenes unrelated to the plot as filler–let’s see, a gay sex scene so our unwoke viewers know gay people have sex, oh, and delay the cliffhanger with some flashbacks to characters that died 3+ seasons ago. So brilliant! So original! So cutting edge!!!! 🙄

I know this is intellectual art that we hick rubes are too stupid to understand, but isn’t it bad enough we have to put up with nonstop woke preaching in every form of entertainment nowadays? Can’t we just once watch a typical sequential story that builds suspense with climaxes, allowing us to escape from our daily lives and simply be entertained?!

artwork appreciated before after world war ii paintings
without degree artist generations mona lisa degree college banana

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