01-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

realizing first time history text message lions winning playoff game
far side note bricks thru window glass
cat sleeping after waking me up 5am 2 bites
class talk about old people losing their minds
im a hugger me im a dont touch me
what you get hire for diversity biden gay harris buttigieg
government making sandwich program
attitude monsters last 3 years fck off
commies usa capitalist company 80000 pages regulations wick
mickey stop losing freedom obese blue haired women
hamas islamic terrorism weapons israel lies victim fundraising
disney star wars celebrate burning cash
official election ballot biden trump rfk crossed off
political violence biden usa blm antifa

It’s Fun to Watch Libs Try to Contort Reality to Their Worldviews

headlines new york times end of snow climate change cause

Flashback Quote of the Day

x biden trump approval war congress

Adding Yemen to the mix, is that four wars he has in now? Should we add China to the mix? Maybe bomb Argentina since a Libertarian was allowed to take office? 🤔

Social Media Posts of the Day

x grimace happy meal iphone google stock
x habarnero pepper almond milk la finest
x vote for nikki haley for klaus schwab globalization

Quote of the Day

quote cobain kurt hated what you are loved what youre not

Message of the Day

message every time against gut feeling paid price

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