03-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mac n cheese peas carrots piñata from hell
rich enough no double take abandoned furniture road
bassline under pressure realize ice ice baby
cut irs budget half dont give me hope
drugs ruin your life catch cop jail
government old reliable played no part problem only solution
dogs watching news top of food chain
han solo its true hunter biden laptop meth
card declined delete all tweets violate banks speech code
girls train hard one day lose dude wig
mean tweets filled up 29 full shelves instead biden shortages war
ron desantis sign parental rights bill media disney attacks still
why so important nominate woman cant define one

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet life flash eyes drunk blackouts deleted scenes dvd
tweet blink public toilet cupid shuffle hand dryer

Message of the Day

message bugs bunny you are carbon want to reduce

So Glad We Got Those “Stimulus” Checks

Average American Paying $5,200 Per Year More for Essentials

impending hyperinflation economic collapse 1400 stimulus checks

Another Trojan Horse

Remember, the Left loves to use the tried’n’true technique of naming things in a way to cover up what they truly are and open a line of political attacks if you oppose them. So a government takeover of healthcare is called the Affordable Care Act. A communist extortion organization is called Black Lives Matter. What, do you oppose affordable healthcare and think black lives don’t matter?! A law which prevents teachers from discussing sex with kindergarteners is branded the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. What, are you a bigot who believes it should be illegal to discuss homosexuality?! As long as they have a corrupt media & Thought Police tech companies to cover up the bullshit, they can easily bury what things truly are.

The latest is Biden’s “Billionaire Tax” proposal. Don’t look at the details! Just pass it–what, do you support protecting billionaires and preventing them from paying taxes?! This is nothing more than a trojan horse for the introduction of a wealth tax system on all Americans. In other words, in addition to taxing the income you take in for the year, you will have to fill out an additional return that taxes a percentage of your accumulated assets. That means, your house, cars, collectibles, cryptocurrency, bank accounts, and even your supposedly tax-sheltered retirement accounts will all have to be tallied so the government can steal a percentage every year. In addition to the theft of more of your money, imagine the complexity! We already have a wealth tax–it’s called the inheritance tax. Think of the crap we have to go through with an estate when a person dies. Lawyers, accountants, and courts must get involved to sort out the giant mess. Appraisals must be ordered since assets like real estate don’t have an easily defined value. Imagine that kind of mess EVERY YEAR!

This bill is such a farce in so many ways. It’s supposed to raise $360 billion over 10 years, from billionaires, but they’ve already lowered the threshold into the millionaires category without even writing the final bill. As always, the final bill will be 2500+ pages of legalese that buries a bunch of loopholes for political cronies while implementing procedures to hit the middle class in the future, usually immediately after a major election. And even if loopholes didn’t exist for the megarich, they would simply shift wealth offshore or use lawyers & accountants to structure their assets to minimize the tax they pay.

For argument sake, say by some miracle billionaires actually did pay $360 billion more through this tax over 10 years. That amount is less than 10 percent of what the feds blew just on Covid crap, and it only covers about 6 percent of the federal spending for one year!

This bill is a farce, a political stunt, but most of all, yet another way to siphon off more of your hard-earned money. You will own nothing and be happy! Where have I heard that before? 🤔

government racist corrupt billionaires tax give money to government clown makeup
joe biden wealth tax abundance stupidity

Quote of the Day

quote joe biden going to be new world order

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03-03 Politically Incorrect Daily

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breaking news lucky charms announced keeping leprechaun irish not over sensitive little bitches
coronavirus covid sponge bob me living thru y2k 2012 swine flu justin bieber
dr fauci 2035 masks year 2035 moving goalposts
government media shoving marx book covid 19
kermit making healthy people act sick masks munchausen syndrome none of my business tea
virginia school system drops dr seuss racist
joe biden you aint black clarence thomas you aint president
stop identity theft covid flu

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet kevin sorbo 2nd amendment muskets write me with quill horseback

Quote of the Day

quote clarence thomas if fail to give clear rules elections erosion voter confidence

The Corruption Scams Are Always the Same

How Biden’s ‘American Rescue Plan’ Leaves Flyover States In the Dust
Warren’S Wealth Tax Would Cost 100 Richest Americans $78 Billion
Biden Prepares to Push $2 Trillion ‘Infrastructure’ Plan

So Biden is pushing $3.9 of entirely new spending on top of our $5 trillion dollar annual budget, in a country that takes in annual tax revenue of less than $4 trillion and already has a national debt of $28 trillion. This is INSANE! As always, they throw a few dollars at the public, give it a fancy name like “Covid Relief” and “Infrastructure Repair,” then kickback almost all the money to special interests and campaign contributors. In this case it’s $1400 “stimulus” checks that go to less than half of Americans, which amounts to less than $200 billion, or about 5 percent of the total spending.

To put in perspective how much of a scam this is, if the government sent $10,000 to every man, woman, and child in American, it would total about $3.28 trillion….compared to Joe Biden’s $3.9 trillion. Special spending bills are nothing more than political slush funds. The “wealth taxes” pushed by Elizabeth Warren are just political theater. Even if this one works as intended, which is highly unlikely, it only raises $78 billion, or about 2 percent of the total! The “tax the rich” cover allows them to pass 2000-page bills that slowly come for income of the middle and lower classes.

Don’t fall for it, no matter how much you want your $1400 bribe money now!

joe biden deeper far left agenda debt digging
covid relief pork help taxpayer breathe pig
tweet candace owens biden covid relief stimulus

Message of the Day

message after biden last month glad did nothing for 47 years

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11-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dont laugh at children believe in santa some believe democrats are honest
tree cut down for billboard of kid hugging tree
democrats throwing mud shit at we the people trump blocking hit
whoopi goldberg tolerant left agree with them or yell spit kicked out of building tds
back to future just came back from year 2025 still trying to impeach trump
adam schiff two new witnesses nigerian brothers jussie smollett
david hogg there i was dying from climate change greta thunberg
diaz angry lady cat football helmet fight
what if i told you meaning of witness is someone who observed event first hand
kaepernick held workout see nobody cares

Quote of the Day

quote mark alexander impeachment from day one washington post headline

Tweet of the Day

tweet donald trump jr happy birthday whoopi thanks for getting triggered book to number 1

Random Thought of the Day

During the latest debate about Elizabeth Warren‘s proposed “wealth tax”, I’ve yet to hear one of the most obvious arguments against it–billionaires likely won’t pay it! We already have a wealth tax, it’s called the inheritance tax, and virtually no one pays it. Rich people with estates large enough to potentially get hit simply restructure & move around their assets using the best lawyers and accountants, so they pay nothing. The same is going to happen with a wealth tax. If it’s written into law, you can expect 1000+ pages of text (like all Congressional laws) that include all kinds of complex exceptions and loopholes. After all, most billionaires are hard-core democrats, so they must be protected. If by some remote possibility there aren’t enough feasible loopholes to get around the tax, billionaires will likely simply renounce their U.S. citizenship and move offshore to a tax haven like Grand Cayman or the Bahamas, it which case the tax collected will definitely be zero. Pocahantas’s proposal exists solely to score cheap political points and increase hatred of all things republican, conservative, or libertarian. Here’s an article that examines more of the pros and cons of the wealth tax.

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