03-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

pug draw me like french girls drawing
life without smartphones boring managed half barrel beer
first sign of spring state flower construction cone
half your lunch money aoc income bigot
me censored shadow banned lay low scamdemic
babylon bee major blow to democracy supreme court vote favorte candidate
karl marx working so dont starve no working still starving communism
behind every shty meme person make you smile not me fu
media brainwashing you msm phone not true liberal
want permanent government shutdown temporarily padme anakin
babylon bee superman unrealistic portrayal journalists heroic
justin trudea narcissist authority king accountability of toddler
rewatched terminator 2 most unrealistic tech executive non narcissist
biden border policy reduced crime in venezuela to 50 year low

Gotta Repay Their Special Interest Campaign Contributors

x minnesota lawmakers ban house painting without license

Reminder: Biden, Kerry, Trudeau, and Other Leftists Take Their Words as Gospel

wef pushes ban home grown food fight climate change

From the Greatest Military the World Has Ever Seen to This… 🙄

x transgender pentagon use pronouns email

Social Media Posts of the Day

headline too much exercise kill you if white man
x nikki haley winning dc primary shrek my swamp
fb forget falling down relate to mr hand fast times ridgemont high genx
x democrats not anti gun dont want you have control

Quote of the Day

quote sowell some things believed demonstrably true others asserted repeatedly

Message of the Day

message understand how to fix problem who profiting problem solution

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03-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda scientist explaining importance good sleep me 3am watching explain
trying catnip for first time when does it kick in note mouse connected
sign should be etiquette class for flying
americans measure anything but metric system 4 milfs ahead
life perspective exercises reads complains hates prison
love my current windows version update surrounded
sign which criminals strike first firearms permitted no guns
uhaul where going any place not run by democrats minnesota
beaver liquors and wine cellar
costanza trying find meme four years ago comeback argument
biden mcconnell zelensky steals from the poor gives to ukraine robinhood
mitch mcconnell retiring 82 congress quitter old
emperor whitmer measles back no boating gardening restaurants science

The Party’s Only Path to Indefinite Power Is Preserving the Right to Cheat

x garland get rid voter id laws flood country illegals

Social Media Posts of the Day

facebook removes trump covid flu comparison
x if people lives taught lives oppressor evil sht to you
x travel with your kids opportunity bored exotic places
x work 9-5 office shop why society set up
x nikki haley wins dc swamp primary

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Quote of the Day

quote buckley rather government phone directory than harvard faculty

Message of the Day

message weightlifting look in mirror thats your competition

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01-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog cat be kind whats your battle piece of string good talk
show hands whos tired of snow raise mittens
turn up music partially deaf because
how dry january going chugging alcohol
car companies 80s 90s faster now heated seat subscription expired
dragon chess inflation fed your move
hammerhead shark trans
democrats remind used to be antiwar patricia split personality
1776 not paying tax tea now income tax pedophiles
normal people considered far right change my mind
those offended 2023 work on yourself dont have to do it again 2024

You Crazy Tinfoil Hat Conspiracy Theorists

There definitely is no central group of evil globalists planning to control every aspect of our lives. 👌

x leyen european union shutting down opposition speech wef
x wef cbdc track what you eat travel speak do rest of life climate emergency
babylon bee remake 1984 big brother good guy progressive

We Need New Terms for the Biden Administration

“Gaslighting,” “Bald-Face Lying,” “Real-Life Satire,” etc. just won’t cut it anymore. 🙄

x pierre illegal immigration down 90 percent

Social Media Posts of the Day

fb best belichek moment covid draft pointed camera at dog
x rubber band same spot bedroom put your mind to
x all im saying could use some global warming
x down on apple watch 2nd pice of cake congratulations for standing
x rand paul iowa voters never nikki

Rand Paul Launches Website: NeverNikki.Net

Quote of the Day

quote wild experience teacher test first lesson afterwards

Message of the Day

message sickness is healing ridding contaminants supress

We Don’t Need Another Bush/Romney/Hillary Clone

Link: https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1747274232093110614

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