07-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

every parent right now starting school in person online or homeschooling face
government closed bathrooms brought in port a potties
dear plexiglass thank you for protecting me from cashier just touched everything taking home
do we quarantine until no more germs in world or just until election is over
taxpayers billions soviet biden bernie trambling freedom of speech defund universities snowflake generation
if let bat shit crazy drunk speaker of house at least give job to ron white
covid 19 star trek dammit jim doctor not politician
ghislaine maxwell ford bronco chased bill clinton spacey weinstein dershowitz
virologist hazmat suit but your bandana probably works too covid
cdc need to protect our elders them all walking around no masks
make no mistake covid deadly already killed 70 percent of freedom
imagine 30 year old living in basement could be worse joe biden for president
things im worried about losing constitutional rights covid 19 pie chart

Dr. Fauci vs Dr. Fauci

We’re obviously in the middle of a national debate on wearing masks. Speaking for the masks side, we have the CDC, WHO, and Dr. Fauci. On the no-mask side, we have the CDC, WHO, and Dr. Fauci. 🤔 Seems pretty clear cut, let’s ram down a no-choice mask policy on the entire country. If we can’t get government to do it, we’ll get big corporate sponsors to enforce it, after which we’ll reward them with special tax breaks and new regulations that squash small business competition.

quote dr fauci no reason for masks definitely in favor side by side
when i grow up i want to be weatherman can be wrong all the time and keep their job cdc who
i pledge allegiance to mask of world health organization to new world order for which it stands

Dr. Fauci Opposes Controlled Study on Effectiveness of Masks

Message of the Day

message fauci is pharmaceutical salesman increases fear of viruses destroys immune system

Tweet of the Day

tweet james woods hillary clinton tone deaf irony trump not accepting election

Quote of the Day

quote america without police looks like a suburb aoc ocasio cortez

Help Is On the Way

Conservative Group Launches ‘DivestU’ To Redirect Donations Away from Liberal Colleges
Antonio Sabato Jr. Announces He’S Starting a ‘Conservative Movie Studio’: ‘No More Blacklisting’

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05-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kenny south park proof that covering your face wont save your life
turns out when asked favorite child supposed to pick from own
quarantine barbie food wine netflix
dont go back to work make more collecting unemployment stay at home order devil angel
al sharpton guess whos headed to minneapolis gas can
fattening the curve lets spend another 3 trillion
marx lenin stalin sanders repeating prank
jewelry store stocks food to be essential business pro-gamer move
babylon bee bernie sanders arrives hong kong lecture protesters how good under communism
joe biden this mask is black but you aint
im offended you cant say that can did and will again archie bunker

Latest WHO/CDC Recommendation Spin

And for today’s spin of the CDC/WHO guidance wheel, we’re back to no masks. 🙄 So, does this mean Facebook/Youtube will be censoring doctors who recommend masks because it goes against WHO guidelines or doctors who recommend no masks because it goes against CDC guidelines? Which Thought Police division will win? 🤔

WHO Guidance: Healthy People Should Wear Masks Only When ‘Taking Care Of’ Coronavirus Patients

Mainstream Media Insanity Update

MSNBC Anchor Says Minneapolis Riot Is ‘Not Generally Unruly’… As a Building Burns Behind Him

msnbc minnestoa protest not unruly building burns in background

Tweet of the Day

tweet candace owens government criminalize work demand taxes

Quote of the Day

quote jefferson when injustice becomes law resistance becomes duy zuckerberg post removed

Message of the Day

sometimes black sheep of family one who tells truth

Big Tech Fascism Update

So now Facebook is censoring a satire website, Babylon Bee, whose slogan on the front page says “fake news you can trust?” Why, because it makes fun of leftists, which is simply unacceptable!

tweet set dillon bablylon bee being censored by facebook

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04-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

breaking tampa bay signed more former patriots referees
mom can i please not stay home from school today
growing up poor struggle was real bread sandwish hotdog hamburger garlic
stay home so we can make covid disappear like your civil liberties
imagine after weeks of quarantine husbands ready to build wives she shed
tomorrow home school tornado drill lock kids in closet until all clear
liberals want to pay off student loans for colleges paying liberals six figure speaking fees quid pro quo
journalists please help us you need our indispensable reporting meghan closes a door
covid 19 talking point translation guide shutting down whole economy constitution rights want people to die
de blasio social distancing tip line penis photos hitler memes ron swanson dammit love this country so much
babylon bee facebook removing any posts quoting first amendment encouraging illegal activity
great awakening trump cat media rats cnn nyt nbc cbs

Message of the Day

message when political party is gleeful over stock market crash virus transmission mabye dont vote for

Tweet of the Day

tweet steven soderbergh contagoin leading task force directors ryan reynolds played medical student

Quote of the Day

quote william wallace difference position exists to provide people with freedom make sure they have it

Random Thought of the Day

You’ve all likely seen recent pronouncements by execs from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other Big Tech companies on how they’ll be censoring any content that goes against World Health Organization recommendations. While we all know there’s a ton of fake content on the web, isn’t the very essence of the scientific method about continual testing & evaluation of information? A few months back WHO was still telling the world Covid-19 didn’t spread person-to-person. How do we know all their “science” is correct now? Scholarly people applying sound scientific research can run additional studies on the millions of existing cases in the world. Shouldn’t their new information be allowed to be published, even if it runs counter to existing WHO guidelines? Any critical thinking American will always look at the source before deciding how much weight to give the new studies. This censorship is liberal fascism at its worst and is dumbing down society to the point we have way too many mind-numbed robots that follow along with whatever the government and media say.

worst part of censorship everything fine trust your government

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