10-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

stop living in past but music so much better back then
watch electric charge me in traffic swearing
witches family costumes manwich halloween
house air filters watching you put mask on to go outside
dr fauci these variants are they in room shrink
babylon bee white house whistleblower strangers sign papers no ice cream
bart simpson chalkboard lets go brandon
kramer have to have vaccine thats why i dont want it aids ribbon
understanding science microscope wad cash
salesman saw biden sign yard know you will buy anything selling
covid lib hypocisy masks no masks kids servants its science
babylon bee nfl removes all fans players coaches ever said bad word only Tebow
joe biden shelf elf shall have nothing empty

At Least He Didn’t Have Any 10-Year-Old “Misogynist” Emails

deshaun watson 30 million a year with 21 sexual assault cases gruden loses job

Liberals Ruin Everything

DC Comics’ New Superman Is Bisexual. Dean Cain Has Some Thoughts About That.

Can we please just have ONE movie, TV show, or series nowadays that can just entertain rather than try to teach us dumb hicks about “social issues” or whatever California value they’re trying to push? I really don’t care if someone is gay, straight, or whatever. I’m guessing 90 percent of people in America don’t either, and the other 10 percent aren’t going to think any differently because you changed the gender or sexuality of their favorite characters, or if you put in a nothing-to-do-with-plot gay love story in nearly every new Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, or Disney+ series’s.

As for Superman, can DC Comics possibly do anything more to fuck up this once-great American character? It started with its preachy Superman IV: Quest for Peace, as well as changing his slogan, “Truth, justice, and the American way” to “Truth, justice, all that stuff,” since almost all of Hollywood hates America and everything it stands for. Add in the pathetically bad Man of Steel movie series reboot that includes his death and resurrection. Despite already having gay/bisexual characters of Batgirl and Robin, now DC needs to make Superman bisexual? Do they not know their fanbase is mostly nerdy, heterosexual guys? Plus kids, who really don’t need to be focusing on anyone’s sexuality, straight or otherwise, at such an early age? Is it any wonder the Marvel Cinematic Universe is destroying DC Comics financially in every segment of sales? Not to worry though, Disney (which owns Marvel) is not about to be one-upped in woke characters by DC Comics, so they’ve already started to fuck things up, including recent gay/bisexual characters Valkyrie, Captain Marvel, and Loki .

Again, people in the entertainment industry, we fans DON’T GIVE A SHIT about your politics or sexuality messages. We just want to be entertained, not preached to, not taught about social justice, not enlightened, or whatever the hell you think you’re doing. You can make thousands of separate new movies & TV shows that take on whatever woke bullshit you want to portray. Just let us enjoy the entertainment we love, or used to.

Long Live James Bond and His License to Trigger – Rachel Marsden

They Must Monitor & Control Every Aspect of Your Life

tweet rando no one buys yellen bs 600 irs banks

No One’s Buying What Yellen Just Told CBS About IRS Proposal

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet brakey unity calls fall in lines comply demands

Quote of the Day

quote government threatens employment healthcare food hospital tyranny barbara fisher

Message of the Day

message teachers quit job charge 150 week home school kids less students higher salary

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08-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

evil clown raccoon sweer sweets tacos
kid hang clothes up basket
2021 flying cars paper towel holder
joe biden few wheels short of 18 gaffes lies
remember lion king scar cheated pride land hyenas lost everything
fredo andrew cuomo cnn 24 7 hate trump protecting brother

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet alanna powerful lessons cat annoying to get what you want
tweet kids kubed end for me kids unplug life supper charge ipad
tweet snarky dalai dama behavior of others parents all ages
tweet being libertarian instead vaccine passport not sexually harassed political office

The Next Fear-Based Control Mechanism

flu back now asymptomatic get jab

Quote of the Day

quote sign ignorance is bliss should be more happy people

It’s Time to Speak Up!

The tyranny we face nowadays is unlike the usual totalitarian regimes of the past in that government, the military, and police are doing only a small part of the actual enforcement of dictatorial policies. Instead, the vast majority of enforcement has come from two sources – 1) Businesses blindly going along with fascist CDC/government pronouncements, and 2) An army of Karen’s shaming people into compliance. Sure, government has tried repeatedly to pass unconstitutional orders and such, but these would be utterly useless if not for lemming-like compliance by much of the population and unquestioning following of orders by corporate leaders. Think about it, if Wal-Mart, Costco, Kroger, restaurants, Big Tech companies, etc. didn’t force their employees and customers to comply, the medical tyranny attempts would go nowhere. And of course, without the vocal fear/hate-dominated Covid-shamers, people might start following their own common sense rather than do whatever it takes to avoid conflict.

If you don’t want to face universal masking and other ridiculous restrictions of freedom the rest of your life, the time has come to speak up, starting with your employer. Here’s an email I fired off to our corporate HR when they tried to re-impose forced masking this week:

It’s just my personal opinion, but I’m confident that I speak for quite a few people in the company when I say forced-masking is complete and utter crap! Almost all of us in our office have been vaccinated, and I’m tired of mindlessly having to follow whatever nonsensical CDC dictate of the month is released. This has been going on for 18 months…there are other considerations in life beyond whether or not we may contract Covid in our lifetimes….like human interaction, enjoyability of the work day, negative health effects of constant mask wearing, and QUALITY OF LIFE!

This is supposed to be a free country…let us use our own common sense, taking into account vaccination or previous-infection status, lack of symptoms, age & lack of underlying health condition, and so on. Recommendations are welcome, forced compliance is not.

Other people won’t speak up to say what needs to be said….I am. Take it for what it’s worth. Thanks.


I also made clear to management that I refuse to put on a mask again and would gladly resign before doing so. Employees need to speak up, or your employer will continue with the unthinking path of least resistance. You have the ability! It an era of major labor shortages, the power dynamic has shifted to the employee. A very underrated reason many don’t want to take certain jobs is they don’t want to wear a mask 40 hours per week. Be brave and start a chain reaction of people speaking up. Feel free to use whatever language suits your individual situation. Yes, I know it’s tough to be the first, but SILENCE IS CONSENT, and we face an unending medical tyranny that will only stop when people refuse to obey!

dr fauci back to school sale latest recommendation bubble wrap gas mask helmet
democrat stop murdering thief not weaing mask defund police
tweet vitolo flatten curve vaccines masks maybe compliance wont end

Messages of the Day

message if people stand ruling class game is over
message lollapalooza dont dare let them gaslight you into shutting businesses again

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06-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

use 100 percent of brain shoot potato through tennis racket fries
real estate agent house more expensive tomorrow show
venn sisqo thong song pixar moms dumps like a truck
crt mom whats woke again parents realization kids taught marxism
joe biden world stage if lost return to pennsylvania avenue jill biden
afghanistan terrorist school suicide bomber demo
covid 1984 sign coronavirus
tv school movies music orange man bad disagree just brainwashed
babylon bee crt critical race theory teachers beat white kids sticks

Liberals Ruin Everything

Victoria’s Secret Rebrands Using Rapinoe, Chopra, Plus-Sized & Transsexual Models, and Other ‘Woke’ Activists

babylon bee nations teenage boys less interested victoria secret catalog

Liberals ruin everything they touch…sports, movies, TV, education, social media, and now this. While I acknowledge that Victoria’s Secret models are overly thin and set unhealthy standards for women, you can make small tweaks without blowing up the whole business model. What exactly was the conversation in the company marketing meeting?….”Let’s see…angry, anti-American, man-hating feminists–Bingo! THAT’S our target customer!!! Who cares what men think?! Women buy our products to impress other ‘woke’ females, not their husbands and boyfriends!” As long as we’re fixing the female model culture, why not do the same for men? Chippendales, Calvin Klein, Hanes, Magic Mike, etc. can start using 100-lb Leftist hipsters with beards & stocking caps and big, beer-bellied guys as models. Cue the Right Said Fred music….**I’m too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it huuurts**…”And coming down the runway we have Bubba, modeling the XXXXL-sized speedo, which comes with straps that flip up to support D-cup man boobs…”

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Message of the Day

message 99 percent not offended stop catering to 1 percent who are

Social Media Post of the Day

tweet doranda america kid shoes starbucks 1000 cell phone complaining capitalism failed

Update on Liberal Communist Utopia of Europe

Covid Lockdown Easing in England Delayed to July 19th

dr evil just 4 more weeks covid restrictions i promis mwhaha

Quote of the Day

quote wiesel always take sides neutrality helps oppressor

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