06-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dont know how to flirt just stare full metal jacket pyle
get to know real you grouchy old man
cat mouse doordash delivery
future electric car coal plant
biden ethanol bring down fuel prices corn tv
drink 8 glasses daily roasted coffee brewed
historic powerball lotto jackbox 2 tanks gas
shelves look bare ukraine defense programs like this rockets
gun laws because you wont go into boxcars willingly
red flag laws no due process slippery slope law abiding citizen
fauci 4 covid shots need more hospital i am science
trump biden training bike

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet cleaned out cabinet productive drank 2 bottles wine
tweet havent meant self checkout cant lock up
tweet cabinet quote hgtv real people
tweet heimlech maneuver choking search bar

Disney Wokesters Must Ruin Everything

More Disney Problems as ‘Lightyear’ Crashes and the Press Ignores the Woke Agenda Behind It – Brad Slager

Are there any of their classic characters & movie universes left that Disney hasn’t ruined? We all know why Tim Allen wasn’t brought back as the voice of Lightyear–for the same reason the show Last Man Standing was cancelled by Disney’s ABC despite being #1 in the ratings–he doesn’t check all the boxes for the Woke Thought Police. As always, the “tolerant” Left must cancel anyone who’s right of Karl Marx. And of course, they must shove LGBTQ topics on children too young to even understand heterosexuality. Can kids just be kids, Disney Groomer Academy wokesters?

woke disney blm pronouns white privilege
babylon bee lightyear bomb disney cancels brokeback woody

Not to Be Outdone

tweet pride month navy video china new aircraft carrier

American Embarrassment’: Navy Instructional Video Teaches Sailors About Pronouns

Message of the Day

message if silent about beliefs offended important what people think

Quote of the Day

quote trump biden elected record inflation stock market crash

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75 Types of Taxes You Pay the Government

04-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

office wife thanking snacks cookies breakfast
therapy dog considering career change
karate kid obnoxious child restaurant sweep the leg
airplane looks like i picked the wrong week to quit making memes
judge illegal expose government breaking law
no confidence vote check all apply doj fbi fda cdc msm media
when smoke clears hunter joe biden graft
joe biden inflation gas immigration woke china taliban crime up
sponge bob nuclear energy activist clean weather
life cant get more fcked up life challenge accepted
joe biden let me be clear psaki press cleanup crew

Can Merit & Qualifications Still Be Used in Hiring?

NFL Will Require Every Team Hire Minority Offensive Coach for Upcoming Season

Political Correctness & Censorship Meme Gallery 3

So Groundbreaking and Unique

I cannot stress enough that I don’t give a shit about a person’s sexuality, what gender they identify as, or what anybody does in their private life. I believe in equal rights and don’t care what anybody does if it doesn’t infringe on the rights of anyone else. That said, I must point out again that I’m completely sick of EVERY SINGLE NEW STREAMING SERIES having to write in meaningless gay/lesbian/trans story lines that have NOTHING to do with the main plot. My wife and I are watching the show Big Sky on Hulu. It’s about some small town Montana detectives that stumble upon a sex trafficking ring, then later a f**ked up family with a murderous past, and then a major drug cartel transaction gone wrong. It’s pretty good, and we both enjoy the main plotlines. But of course, we all know the rules…you MUST include non-heterosexual characters! The first season featured a trans character in a major role, with some gay ones thrown in with minor roles for good measure. Ok, we thought, whatever. The 2nd season has added a couple lesbian teens and a gay teen, while throwing the trans character into a love triangle with an experimenting heterosexual U.S. marshal. It’s become almost laughable. So predictable. So tired & monotonous. When the first two female teens were introduced in the 2nd season, I said within 5 seconds to my wife, “Those two will be lesbians…100% sure.” Again, NONE of this has anything to do with the main plot occurring in Montana, one of the most conservative states in the country.

Attention movie/TV-making industry: YOU’RE NOT BREAKING NEW GROUND! YOU’RE NOT DOING ANYTHING BOLD AND COURAGEOUS! I know you feel the need to prove to us unrefined hicks that there are gay/lesbian/trans people in the world, but get through your heads that WE DON’T CARE! I don’t condemn their lifestyle and would fight any kind of discrimination against them, but PLEASE stop wasting screen time with boring, predictable, meaningless plotlines! BTW, I’m a guy (i.e. XY chromosomes if you’re unsure what that means). Therefore, if I’m watching a show about murder, drugs, etc. I don’t want to see ANY romancy stuff, even between heterosexuals. If I wanted that, I would watch Lifetime network with my wife all day until the point I gouged my eyes out.

virtue signals crossed pro woman trans sports equality

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet will smith vessel love summation hollywood
tweet blm racist metoo rape masks grandpa nato putin bs owens
tweet captain biggest impact groupthink labels confidence own thinking
tweet baldwin smollett hunter biden free selfies january 6 jail

Quote of the Day

quote alice cooper musicians telling people who to vote

Message of the Day

message something wrong past advocate not hypogrite growth

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