07-07 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

trump vs democratic candidates jobs vs reparations free stuff high taxes
democrats asking if american in census is unamerican
so illegals can get drivers license but cant answer a question on census
middle class tax hike free health care immigrants committee to reelected president
when kamala harris said little african in me referring to willie brown cut some slack
my sense of humor offended people gas on fire
52 percent border patrol hispanic but by all means continue with nazi narrative
joe montana hey kaepernick need my car washed superbowl rings

Random Thought of the Day

For the first time in my life, I will be rooting against the U.S. team in an event, and that is with the Women’s World Cup team. Alex Morgan and others have been classless in their celebrations. Rapinoe and Krieger haven’t been shy about expressing their dislike for their own country. These women have no business being our ambassadors to the world, and I’m embarrassed they’re wearing the stars and stripes.

Somebody Make This Happen

candace owens dan crenshaw 2024 presidential ticket

This Loser Knows Nothing But the Communist Propaganda He’s Been Brainwashed With

kaepernick ignorance of history in betsy ross flag

Quote of the Day

quote reagan republican every day 4th of july democrats april 15th

Message of the Day

stop bending american traditions to coddle those who hate us

Tweet of the Day

tweet piers morgan aoc criticizing trump daughter could be worse bartender

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