11-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

sign not old sign really expensive
sad dog dont know going through but same
girls boys after sex restarting shutting down
civil war about to start dont like any of the sides
society turning dial 1984 close to 1776
what media sees big dogs small demon reality
satan hillary masks schwab soros gates
we are all conspiracy theorists now look at me
office whiteboard democrat threat to democracy thread to corrupt bureaucracy
mayorkas magoo dont see a problem at the border czar
drone bombing children only cool when obama did it
liberal rebel stick it to the man arm health pass ukraine
1992 2020 ar-15s i did a journalism
media blood white house free palestine mostly peaceful protest

By All Means, Let’s Continue Giving Billions to This Snake 🙄

headline zelensky irresponsible hold elections
x zelensky cancelled elections killing arresting political opponents

Social Media Posts of the Day

x silly putty existence serious c4
x offended 2000s long enough ago acceptable party theme
x us department of education founding world ranking fall
x which keeps left up at night hamas old lady jan 6th
x new york times jewish man killed palestinian

Quote of the Day

quote matrix most people not ready to be unplugged hopelessly dependent system

Message of the Day

message anything government gives to you taken from someone else

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09-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dog motorcycle get off my tail
socks sandals decide dont need sex be single rest of life
toxic trait find out someone doesnt like me try make worse
baby yoda rich enough stare off distance pumping gas
cnbc resumes with they them pronoun most likely ignored
democrats wheres evidence big guy shell bobulinski whistlebwloers whatsapp
white people magazine man used to be woman pregnant
america burning mainstream media umbrella peters biden beach
doctor climate change pure soy boy
babylon bee cdc cautions against taking red pill
love seeing dogs herd sheep leash walk masks
ukraine florida hawaii east palestine

Another Reminder of Their Priorities

These memes become outdated so quickly. I think we’re over $100 billion for Ukraine now in the Biden presidency and growing fast, and that’s just what’s publicly on the books.

reminder democrats rejected trumps wall 75 billion ukraines
zelensky fires defense ministers graft coruption ukraine

Lesson to Other Free Thinkers

headline youtube suspends russell brand

Did you ever notice that these attacks on enemies of the Lefist Ruling Class are always coordinated? Big Tech, the mainstream media, government officials, and social media influencers work together to not only destroy free thinkers but send a message to everyone else out there to fall in line. Russell Brand has 6.6 million subscribers plus countless millions more casual viewers, so his open discussion of free speech, the defense industry, and medical tyranny earned him a spot on the hit list. Luckily, most of the nation has wised up to the tactics. The Left has gone to the well of decades old sex/race allegations so often now that it’s starting to have the opposite effect. In other words, instead of destroying the person, it gets more people to pay attention and wonder why the person has been targetted, increasing their exposure. Witness the explosion in following for Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson after the attack campaigns on them.

x sound of freedom tim ballard denies sexual allegations

Social Media Posts of the Day

x un general assembly pm free speech weapon of war censorship
x hike in groups bears prefer options park service
x full time job one bedroom apartment afford not starve
x soulmate tolerate u when hungry
x recent sentences jan 6th trespassers non violent shei rehl biggs pezzola
x sowell governments role give what want overriding what others want

Quote of the Day

quote sorbo embrace masculinity need more boys strong fathers

Message of the Day

message making fun fat people gym homeless job fair

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03-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

ladies in store talking blocking carts
superman painted water fountain
don’t get smarter older run out of stupid things norm cliff
brown jackson woman how does know nominated
march madness not cutting it switching to womens team
finished pipeline compare to lithium mine ev
forrest gump just like that no one cares celebrities think
biden hammer energy economy border liberty putins fault
biden calling opec nations block caller
jackson civil courteous supreme court hearing rapist drunken kavanaugh
47 democrats including biden voted against clarence thomas npc

So Effective

White House Spokeswoman Jen Psaki Tests Positive for Covid
Hillary Clinton Tests Positive for COVID, Says She Is ‘More Grateful Than Ever’ for Vaccines

bill clinton joker socially distance hillary

Quote of the Day

quote ionesco trick mass insanity abnormal join madness others resist

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet twitter suspended girl spot stlen lia thomas
tweet mandates ending left still free to be terrified cant compel
tweet who is handling billions sent ukraine oversight laundering
tweet dont care skin color easy on pedophiles brown
tweet joe biden today new world order conspiracy

Simply Not the Hero in Media Portrayals

tweet zelensky how media portrayed ukraine

Zelensky Shuts Down Opposition Parties in Ukraine, Consolidates All Media to State-Controlled Platform

When you throw away your values and moral leadership, you’re no better than the enemy. I cannot support anything other than humanitarian aid being sent to Ukraine.

lisa simpson questioning ukrainian propaganda not same as supporting putin
greta ukraining flag profile picture doorbell ring

Message of the Day

what its like being free thinker matrix stopping false flags politicians msm

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