11-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kids waking see candy supply archives incomplete obiwan
texts called mom accident kid
how to stop stressing about tasks complete them book
born to be wild baby yoda until 9pm or so
climate change goals coal china
bill electric meter bend over
biden democrats deliver recession division inflation
kid decided not to release my algebra results
biden all time low approval start war with russia winter
democrats parents covid shots kids gender reassignment

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet home security system legos floor
tweet energy eating right exercise coffee god intended
tweet millenials deserve treat basic necessities
tweet twitter employees note to elon musk

Just Accept the Narrative, You Stupid Peasants

tweets hillary clinton elon musk pelosi story
tweet cops san francisco laughing pelosi narrative
Everyone Is Laughing at the Ridiculous Pelosi Big Lie – Kurt Schlichter

As with every other ludicrous story of the past few years, anyone who asks questions about nonsensical story narratives is labeled a “conspiracy theorist” spreading “misinformation.” Watch for tech companies to ramp up the “fact checks” and post removals of anything that goes against the official Pelosi story. Watch the media lapdogs ridicule and attack anyone with a brain who does some basic critical thinking. An increasingly common technique is for the media to attack those who share a link from a location on the web not belonging to a mainstream/Ruling Class-controlled media outlet. They’ll dig up any story they can from the past that turned out to be false, sometimes going back decades, then use it with a description, “A website known for spreading false information in the past.” Never mind their basis for declaring something false are the same fact-checkers that Big Tech uses to censor, usually based on opinions and liberal talking points rather than any evidence-based criteria. Luckily, as with the word racist, “misinformation,” “hate speech,” and “conspiracy theory” have been so overused the past few years, they’re essentially meaningless terms. BTW, I don’t believe for a second this unquestionally-accepted story of a 500 percent increase in the use of the N word since Musk’s takeover. Who the hell has even heard of Network Contagion Research Institute? But suddenly, we should just accept their stats, which are so face-palm obviously used to push for maintenance of censorship policies? Even if by some obscure chance they were true, we know Twitter bots and fake accounts can easily be manipulated to create whatever eyeroll narrative they want. But again, don’t ask questions you stupid peasants! Just put on your NPC expression and follow the lead of the Ruling Class information control drones.

tweet elon musk didnt tweet fake new york times
npc liberals spaceman musk bad media
welcome social media person humor exaggeration contact you shortly
boys underwear wrestle 2am hammers
aoc almost died hit hammer 3000 miles away
corporate media lies about everything need credible article office matrix

Politico Steps in It Going After Conservative Media Over Pelosi Home Invasion Coverage

Message of the Day

message living in country founding fathers fought to escape

Quote of the Day

One week to midterm elections!

quote thomas jefferson government majority who participate

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10-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

baby yoda meditating fighting customres frowned upon
leslie nielsen badge school building
your newsfeed my bullsht posts clown
stop buying guns look at porn like normal man
knitting millenial retirement program societal collapse
ban xl pipeline alaska drilling beg saudis putin did it biden wall crayon
fbi mistakes 100 percent favor democrats in power
nancy pelosi filming crew framing trump take
joe biden look like jimmy carter staglation
democrat protected species criminals illegals cartels hunter

Mainstream Media Enemies and Alliances

usa today rittenhouse vs waukesha opening statement

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet being left wing great move no friends truck
tweet bassler 2022 edition life hacks government avoid reject
tweet flashback trump strategic reserve biden media opposed

Quote of the Day

quote ronald reagan inflation people living well government is

Every 2 Years Conservatives Fall for the Same Nonsense Designed to Suppress Turnout

tweet six year anniversary ny times prediction 91 percent hillary trump

Liberals Fighting War on Free Speech on All Fronts

no murders rapists lose accounts bank america catturd conservative

Six Major Banks Are About to Be Under Investigation. Here’s Why.

Expect Branch Covidians to Come Back Out in Full Force Wherever Democrats Maintain Power

Doctors Blast CDC Decision That Will Lead to Forced COVID Jabs on Kids

The CDC is trying to shield itself from criticism by saying their Covid controls are simply recommendations, that states decide. Don’t buy it for a second. We all know all Democrat-controlled states & cities will rubber stamp whatever they say, and we also know that Biden will supercharge the executive orders once he loses control of Congress in a few weeks. It’s up to you to vote for your local leaders, choosing whether or not you want your family to resume living in the United States of Covidistan. Winter is coming, literally and figuratively.

kids trying to learn addition cdc needle force
merrick garland doj fbi domestic terrorist parents masks

Ron DeSantis Promises No Vaccine Mandates for Schools in Florida

Message of the Day

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10-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

nothing compares pass out sleep not intending
follow me decorating ideas silence lambs buffalo bill
sober friend mcdonalds 2am et
joe biden economy is strong ice cream inflation middle class 401k
facebook community standards baby yoda logging in alt
biden shutup man cant hear what supposed to say
biden ice cream inflation supply chain recession
biden asset management 401k statement kaput
joe biden energy policy fuel gauge empty

Fauci Has Been Unseated

united states highest paid government employee zelensky

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet adults kids resilient therapist traumatic childhood
tweet wife scary halloween decoration energy bill
tweet every democrat voted fire workers refuse remember vote

Quote of the Day

quote willie nelson wont get ahead blaming others problems

Message of the Day

message thank paypal preview centralized digital currency

It Would Be a Good Start

Elon Musk Reportedly to Fire Nearly 75% of Twitter Employees to Reduce the Size of the Workforce from 5,500 to 2,000

It sounds like the layoffs are not going to happen, but I estimate 5000 of the 5500 Twitter employees work in the censorship/fake-bot-manipulation division, so it probably would just be a beginning anyway.

liberals scream elon musk board meeting

Biden Admin Plans Twitter National Security Review to Stop Musk Takeover

We all knew the Left would not give up their Big Tech monopoly on speech without a fight. Expect the gaslighting to be off the charts as the Biden admin suddenly discovers that Big Tech & mogul influence on speech are a “threat to democracy.” We’ll just pretend control from Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. doesn’t exist…and there are no other tech billionaires with outsized influence. 🙄 It’s just more proof the Left doesn’t care if the Bill of Rights is trashed as long as it helps them maintain power.

Soviet Thought Control 101

The terms “climate change denier” and “election denier” are completely made-up terms created the past few years by Leftists. Their sole purpose is to stifle debate on climate change hysteria and the 2020 election shenanigans. Their designed to attack & ridicule anyone who asks logical questions or presents any kind of counter evidence. This is compounded by self-censorship–in other words, people thinking “I have some reasonable questions, but I don’t want to be called a ‘denier.'” You hear these terms on virtually every mainstream media “news” program recently. As with those who uses the term “insurrection” to describe January 6th, anyone who says “climate change denier” or “election denier” can be put in the category of mindless, lemming Ruling Class tool. And don’t expect any intellectual discussion of the points to follow their speaking of the terms, just a thoughtless repetition of the not-to-be-questioned talking points. The “denier” part of the terms are designed to group people in the same category as Holocaust deniers. If the election denier term really was honest, then virtually every member of the mainstream media and leftist politician could be called a denier of the 2016 results…or if you want to go back further, both Bush elections. It’s pure Soviet-style thought control. Kari Lake gives the perfect response to this kind of BS.

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