Top 10 Best Badass Action Character Heroes

So much of modern TV and movies has become wussified. Real men characters are being replaced by overly-sensitive, politically-correct, social justice warriors. Diversity and whiny-liberal themes have overtaken modern entertainment. For example, consider what Disney has done to the once-great Star Wars franchise. The Last Jedi and Solo movies ripped out the testostone-pumping fun and focused all their attention on diversity of characters. Women dominate the leadership & fighting positions, while the men are all idiotic, reckless, and neutered. This top-10 list is a throwback to the good old days where movies concentrated on entertaining rather than preaching, back when men were really men.

10. Paul Kersey, Death Wish – Charles Bronson

9. Snake Plisskin, Escape from New York – Kurt Russell

8. Bryan Mills, Taken – Liam Neeson

7. Martin Riggs, Lethal Weapon – Mel Gibson

6. Colonel James Braddock, Missing in Action – Chuck Norris

5. T-101, Terminator – Arnold Schwarzenegger

4. John McClain, Die Hard – Bruce Willis

3. Bruce Wayne, Batman Begins – Christian Bale

2. John Rambo, First Blood – Sylvestor Stallone

1. Harry Callahan, Dirty Harry – Clinton Eastwood

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Written by: Joe Messerli
Last Modified: 6/15/2018

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