07-08 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

when earthquake hits california but doesnt sink it dont give me hope
aoc ocasio cortez never had child marriage business home professional job wants to tell you what to do with economy
mama says lowered fuel prices help trump run train to carry whoop ass
toy story im andys mothers toy dildo
free candy inside van biden 2020
aoc challenge ocasio cortez faking crying
bill clinton hearing news his pal jeffrey epstein arrested for sex trafficking
gerrymandering abstract art supreme court john roberts

Message of the Day

attention mainstream media trying to tie jeffrey epstein to trump

More “Tolerant” Liberals

alex baldwin makes fun of trump every week but 8 year old making fun of aoc doxxed threatened

Quote of the Day

quote government programs didnt arise from need came from politicians buying votes

Some Facts to Ponder

democrats foreign influence in elections booker orourke

Tweet of the Day

tweet trump foundation gave away 100 percent witch hunt vs clinton foundation

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