07-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

911 whats your emergency dog lost my balls nike has too
bernie sanders they want liberty independence they need reeducation camps
bernie sanders everything should be free that includes speech right
mel gibson face you make when someone says elected officials cant trample rights like king
democrats plan for america free health care tax hikes abortion for men
donald trump winner of democratic debates happy independence day
obama 2 betsy ross flags inauguration but these shoes are a problem
iwo jima censored if nike had it their way
kim wtf is that demcrat trump step on it
nike communist flag speaker replacement
trump kim cross into north korea democrats finally protest border crossing
as you watch fireworks reminder hurling bullets at people tried to deny us freedom

Tweet of the Day

tweet pelosi i dont support ice trump but you love it in your whiskey

Yes, We Truly Are the Best

35 Reasons USA is the Greatest Country in the World

Quote of the Day

quote difference between private and government problem solving vs exploiting

Looking for Something New?

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