07-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

happy independence day trump america cant you set aside politics one day democats america never great
what did we learn in class one month gay pride good one day national pride bad
democrats want to fine citizens for no health insurance but want to give to illegals for free
democrats paying reparations dozier modern problems modern solutions
joe biden kamala harris beto orourke cory booker free everything
aoc terminator explosion fence cow fart
nike june gay pride flag july betsy ross flag no
new york times america not great
washington crossing river kaepernick offended by flag floaty
bernie sanders picture of him flying first class
gay liberal black fake racist attack vs real gay conservative media coverage
leftist punching fascist self in face
claires decoy balloon furniture breaks cat of claw-sharpening habit
just so were clear china paying 20 cents hr work long weeks so nike can profit enough to have kaepernick speak of oppression

Quotes of the Day

quote if youre offended by shoe celebrating flag dan crenshaw
quote sowell studying history important stupid ideas tried before

Tweets of the Day

tweet abc cbs nbc joining msnbc not airing trump 4th of july special
tweet if illegals arent voting why are democrats pandering

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