05-04 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

no one should be allowed to drive again until no fatal accidents for 14 consecutive days phase in certain classes of people
we lost everything life savings at least governor kept us safe
bullock blind fold when democrats vote say never old white man accused of sexual assault
youtube attention comrades videos contradicting our glorious government covid line will not be tolerated
daddy what did you do when state took all our freedom called anyone questioning conspiracy theorist clapped
can we see tara reade documents university of delaware shredder
i trust in doctors science they debunk covid with science i trust those reaffirm narrative
branco believe women biden pin ass on donkey pelosi media booker
democrats anything anyone but america

Tweet of the Day

tweet katrina pierson jon levine any journalist not asking biden about tara reade

Quote of the Day

quote trey gowdy if you want to change way washington works change who you send there

Message of the Day

much easier to tell small business owner to shutdown months when never owned operated one

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