07-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

finally barbie can relate to non essential wine oclock doll
theme parts in japan discourage screaming on roller coaster scream inside your heart 2020
democrats media shoving blm marx book down mouth of americans
dr faucis top 5 best disaster responses new york covid custer flint water obamacare website hindenburg
new government mandated face mask liberals satire fact check make you look stupid
size of heart compared to liver designed to drink more care less
dr fauci when your pitch is as accurate as your covid 19 predictions
mainstream media unbiased trump report why hes racist liar fascist buffoon
pelosi appeal to those think world unfair take from people who earn money give it to those who dont
trump derangement sydrome tds racist sexist mental patient
trump social distancing mask vote in person cnn covid
fauci told them still had to wear mask 6ft from each other they bought it classic

The More You Know

more you know how socialists capitalism works poor rich politicians

Tweet of the Day

tweet zuby us media done more to divide america that any politician not even close

Quote of the Day

quote social media too comfortable disrespecting people not punched in face mike tyson

Message of the Day

message its easy being communist in free country not free in communist one

Do Your Damn Job

person working checkout line essential workers compared to teachers who dont want to work

Ironically, teachers unions and public schools are demanding more money for NOT opening and NOT working. Why should they need a cent of taxpayer money when their only activities lately seem to be political lobbying and whining to the media? If teachers aren’t working, they should go into the unemployment system like every other American forced into unemployment by freedom-crushing, control-freak politicians.

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