03-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

everyone works customer service legal fight one customer year it support
run vacuum outside so neighbors dont talk to me
people say short temper swift assertive reaction to bs
2064 president probably shtposting on x twitter right now
seriously think government would stop right there waco
liberal woman hate personality mental disorders trust worldview
kermit reading argument social media caused
liberal im offended change your mind
train tracks high inflation fed jerome powell connecting
warren buffett no one say stock go up or down pelosi thats cute
joe biden economy is booming explosion food costs
four of five citizens love democracy beating
babylon bee jan 6th protesters request undocumented tourists
tiktok china use american spyware google facebook
whistle blower meeting boeing pesci goodfellas

There’s a Reason 95+ Percent of American Public School Teachers Are Leftist

x nashville public schools racist questions job application

nea national indoctrination association
thor someone highly educated fully indoctrinated

Educational Indoctrination Meme Gallery 2

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x if both parties agree all should be concerned
x six hour negotiation watch fall asleep phonex help kids rediscover old toys trying to get rid of them
x diversity strength 247 propaganda police state to enforce
x cancel shampoo so bald people dont get offended
quote kasparov not game of pawns refuse to play modern propaganda
message were all in this psyop together

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3 thoughts on “03-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. AM I highly educated reminds me of a conversation with a democrat woman trying to get me to sign a petition against Georgia’s new election law. She spewed all the false talking points and when I refuted them and told her to get educated on the law, she said she was smart and educated. That she was told such and such and that was good enough for her. Then blocked me. You just can’t have a sane and rational conversation with those kind of people. Completely brainwashed, cultist, and will believe only what she has been told by her masters. They never question or research anything their side tells them.

    On the I’m offended meme, if someone says I offended them, I just tell them that’s your problem that you choose to take offense. Not my problem. If they try an bully me to apologize to them, I ask them why they are so weak and to grow a spine. Quit acting like a little child that doesn’t get their way. If more people would do this, then they would not have any power over you.

  2. Gatekeeping.

    They used DEI to go from 60% conservative doctors, to now 80% liberal.

    They simply used DEI in the medical school application process to weed out conservatives.

    They are trying to make conservatives utterly powerless, denying them the right to even train.

    And then the propaganda says things like “80% of doctors…”

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