07-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

alien abduction humans free wifi
cold water hit nipples already has
hacker cant hack my password changed 8 astericks
comet destroying earth no washington dc
me appealing facebook bans fck this court larry flynt
types of pain head shoulder paying irs quarterly taxes
graph how i view life wtf is that this
voodoo witch doctor only procedure hmo pays for
stupid rats eat poison mcdonalds
biden accomplishments psychiatrist are they in the room
liberal media fiery but mostly peaceful protests biden sharp and focused

Another Day in the World of Leftist “Democracy”

x 200 french quit avoid le pen
french flag macron white surrender elections
headline cnbc democrat biden out blitz primary
not voting for biden them not running anything
babylon bee democrats would never cheat in elections horrified stop cheating bill

Reminder: the Leader of This State Is a Top Candidate to Replace Biden

new york post mom fined clams california mobs looters shoplifing laws

Gavin Newsom Meme Gallery

Quotes, Messages, Social Media Memes of the Day

x bidens done theatrics negotiation exit package price
x one pro kamala harris argument imagine hillary clinton woman president not her
giant bag candy resealable wont be necessary
x someone fighting depression tell them cheer up
x argument kid dragon spelling d j
message citizens exposing crimes of state inherently
message will not censor myself to comform your ignorance

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