11 Reasons to Vote Even Though the Left Will Cheat and Both Major Parties Suck

“What’s the point of voting when they’re just going to cheat like they did in 2020 and 2022?”

“Republicans and Democrats are a Uniparty that never stops growing government, fighting useless wars, spending us into bankruptcy, and further eroding our rights? And 3rd parties can’t win, so who are we supposed to vote for?!”

“It doesn’t matter who’s in power since the whole system is corrupt and controlled by globalist billionaires.”

If you’re conservative, libertarian, or a 3rd party supporter, the statements above have likely crossed your mind the past few years. Honestly, it’s tough to argue with any of them. I, like the vast majority of Americans, have grown completely disgusted with our government. And I, too, often feel a hopeless feeling that anything will ever change. So, why vote or participate at all in our so-called democracy?

I think of it as fighting a war, a war against totalitarianism. Like any war, there will be battles. You win some, you lose some. Sometimes you can lose so spectacularly that you’re on the brink of complete defeat, but what happens if you give up? Historical examples of Lenin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, Castro, Chavez, and many others show us the path of least resistance can be catastophic. We’re not yet fighting a violent war like World War II. Instead we’re fighting a different type of war on multiple fronts: free speech, technology, the legal system, and the remaining shreds of our electoral system. While billionaires and leftists do all they can to erode what’s left of the American republic and implement their globalist vision, all we can do is keep resisting on every front. And yes, this includes voting. Here are some reasons why you should continue to vote:

    1. We’re on to their cheating schemes and now have Twitter to publish evidence. Perhaps the biggest reason the Left got away with all their election shenanigans in 2020 was the mass censorship by Big Tech. There was no way to share evidence or even ask questions about election corruption. Twitter, Facebook, and others used January 6th as justificaiton to stomp out any remaining discussion that election results weren’t legit. Algorithms wiped out millions of posts & accounts daily, including any with the #StopTheSteal hashtag. Mainstream media declared within days with 100 percent certainty there was ZERO cheating. Every single one of those 155 million votes cast was properly counted–no doubt whatsoever and anything else was “false, debunked conspiracy theories!” 👌 That’s not going to happen this time. Everyone will be watching. Phone cameras will be ready. Although Facebook and most Big Tech fascists will continue to censor, this time, Elon Musk will allow the other side to be told.
    2. They can’t cheat in every election nationwide. Every November you’re voting for far more than President. There are thousands of elections, most of which have legit controls in place (at least, for now) to ensure a valid result. There are far too many districts and honest people involved to cheat every result.
    3. Local elections matter! Covid taught us that the level of tyranny you experienced varied by which state & town you lived. Many local officials in conservative states flipped the bird to the unconstitutional declarations of Biden, Fauci, Birx, and the rest of the dictators. Compliance with immigration laws depends on your district. Local school boards determine your kids educational curriculum. Judges can create or nullify laws by one hammer of the gavel. State legislators can veto governor edicts. Remember the idea of a multifront war–winning local elections gives you multiple ways go resist the national Uniparty.
    4. Americans on both the left and right are fed up with the Uniparty career politicians. Minority groups who have historically supported Democrats overwhelmingly are shifting. Voters from shithole cities that have been run by Dems for decades are getting fed up. And no matter how much the media tries to hide it, everyone is noticing the insane prices we’re paying for everything.
    5. If Democrat poll numbers continue to plummet, even many liberals might have doubts about another cheating-packed result. Liberal lemmings went along with the media & Big Tech-coordinated narrative put out that 2020 was totally legit. However, when even left-leaning pollsters show Trump & other Republicans with big leads, the same BS won’t fly this time.
    6. It puts pressure on Leftist extremists to moderate their positions. We’ve all seen what Establishment types do once they’re elected, but if the polls & focus groups show they’re losing support, they’ll have to modify their public positions. Liberals will have to move to the center. RINOs will have to pretend they’re conservative & libertarian. It will be bullshit, of course, but when they break their promises, they’ll be shooting themselves in future elections.
    7. With the Left regularly weaponizing government, judge appointments and every other check’n’balance control must be sought out. Where would we be without judges and right-leaning state officials to rein in Biden executive orders, Covid tyrannist pronouncements, Garland’s DOJ targeting of political enemies, or the rest of the endless Leftist power grabs & consolidations?
    8. If conservative/libertarian voters don’t show up at the polls, the Left doesn’t have to cheat. I maintain the Ruling Class & Establishment powers have actually encouraged the spread of stories on election cheating. They want to get enough of us to just say “F*ck it!” and give up, so the election losses are self-fulfilling.
    9. The election of even a few disrupter politicians can have a major impact. Thomas Massie, Rand Paul, and so many others have been a thorn in the side of the Establishment, both on the Left and Right. They bring national attention to the corruption and mismangement, which social media only enhances. They can introduce procedure hurdles that delay, if not destroy, further encroachment on our freedoms.
    10. Just a few more Democrat wins, and there may never ever be ANY election integrity controls in place, nor a Supreme Court to stop their unconsitutional power grabs. You know what’s coming if the Left gets just a little more control—packing the Supreme Court, nationwide mail-in voting, prevention of ANY kind of voter ID or election integrity, Big Tech censorship intimidation, and so on. There will never again be a way to fight back short of armed revolution.
    11. Since the Left and mainstream media has established the standard that elections can NEVER be challenged, it would be pure entertainment to watch them backtrack when they lose! Conspiracy theorist, traitor, election denier, take your pick. We now know it’s a “threat to democracy” to ever again question an election. The side-by-side playing of sound clips would be joyous, and don’t even get me started on the meme possibilities!

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4 thoughts on “11 Reasons to Vote Even Though the Left Will Cheat and Both Major Parties Suck

  1. Thanks always for the funnies and the thought provoking commentary. BTW I think its a ceiling fan conspiracy! 😁

  2. nailed it. I often share the link and an excerpt from your essays on my FB account – not many friends, but they need to read what you say. thanks Joe.

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