08-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

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It amazes me how unbothered the Left is by the constant shredding of Constitutional rights and freedoms as long as the target is someone they hate. Flip the roles and see how they’d react. Would they be ok if Obama was wiretapped, had his attorney’s offices raided, had intelligence agencies using all their resources to dig up political dirt, had trusted officials leaking his private conversations? Would they be ok if political enemies were destroying the lives of anyone associated with Obama so they would turn on him and make up lies? Would they have a problem if tech companies started censoring mainstream liberal organizations as “hate speech”? Would they complain about an investigation that had turned up no evidence yet was still going on after 2 years? An ends-justify-the-means mentality is how democracy is destroyed. Dangerous precedents are being set in the quest to destroy Trump by any means necessary.

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