07-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

dogs 2020 because humans suck sign
essential employees opening covid 19 bonus checks jelly of the month club
marriage is hard nelson mandela got divorce tortured years 6 months with wife cant take this
tick makes you allergic to meat spreading weaponizing ticks for august
national debt democrats republicans well have it under control when pigs fly
when you dont know what capitalism is so call it fascism ok dont know what that is either
democrats after the election throwing blm coronavirus out of car
cnn breaking news jimmy hoffa remains found covid 19 likely cause of death
nadler violet antifa riots portland a myth mask over eyes
one positive about covid no one has died from cancer heart attack pneumonia flu or old age entire year
joe biden black people incapable of achieving anything without white help not racist herman cain can achieve set minds to
washington post knowingly exposing aids not felony pandemic california bans singing in places of worship

Tweets of the Day

tweet eric carmen accepting socialism admitting you cant compete give up liberty not america
tweet buck sexton print out hydroxychloroquine before social media monopolicies erase from internet

Quote of the Day

quote abraham lincoln those who deny freedom to others dont deserve it for themselves

Message of the Day

message by now should be clear vote democrat or else fires riots biden obama hillary

Random Thought of the Day

I’ve talked many times how election polls can be distorted, and most people now realize the mainstream media will hype these biased, unscientific polls to suppress enthusiasm and hopefully get conservative/libertarian voters to stay home on election day. However, keep in mind the same principles when you look at non-election polls. The media use them to shape opinion. For example, when you see polls saying the majority of the country supports lockdowns or mandatory facemasks everywhere, do not believe them for a second! They’re just as distorted and inaccurate. The media touts the polls so gullible, unprincipled politicians take action they seek. They also use them to make the majority think there’s something wrong with their views. A fundamental principle of brainwashing is the use of peer pressure. It’s tough for the average person to hold onto their views when they think the majority disagrees with them. And those strong enough to maintain their views are less likely to vocalize them, which in turn leads to the other side being the only one heard. Rest assured, you’re not alone! A silent majority of the country is tired of being manipulated, lied to, and having their freedoms taken away. Polls are just another tool in the corrupt media toolbox to control the country and put it on course for one-party rule.

Cato Study: 62% of Americans Say They Have Political Views They’re Afraid to Share

Why Media & Democrats Are Suddenly So Pro-Mask

trump i am pro oxygen liberals masks

Big Tech Censorship Gestapo Update

facebook google twitter youtube censoring covid press conference doctors hydrochloroquine
twitter andrew surabian donald trump jr tweet suspension hydroxychloroquine video
I would post the video, but the link will likely show ‘Unavailable’ by the time you view this page. If you haven’t seen it, it’s yet another pack of doctors speaking about treatments for Covid-19 such as Hydroxychloroquine. It is beyond insane that doctors and scientists are NOT ALLOWED to express ANY opinion that goes against what the government and Big Tech overlords decide you can see.

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07-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

babylon bee famed archaelogy professor indiana jones photo nazi
corporate america donating to black lives matter soviets transferring cash directly to democrats
black lives matter vandalism monuments not vandalism
breaking news coronavirus updated cdc home test send stool sample to nancy pelosi
cnn seeing can of beans watching portland burn blind fold goya
joe biden dummy hand puppet to china
official flag of 2020 mask covid
psychiatrist couch is orange man in room with us right now
tin foil hat of 2020 coronavirus mask
how my facebook feed looks right now put on masks kiss our ass british patriots
ghislane arrest clinton undercover hillary rug bill zombie
1970 1980 2020 mirron decoration face mask
hillary clinton trump wont go quietly if loses election time to say bye bye

Correction: USA Today Decided to Join the Snowflake Censorship Movement

A few days ago, we published a no-mask editorial from USA Today. As with the New York Times, liberal snowflakes at the paper broke into tears and convolutions, forcing the non-publication of an alternative, non-liberal view.

dr simone gold usa today editorial censored er doctor

Here’s the full, unedited editorial if you want to read it.

Big Tech Censorship Fascism Update

tweet fournier facebook deleted joshua feuerstein page 2.5 million followers
tweet kevin sorbo facebook banned for joke about clintons
tweet ryan fournier in case you dont know donald trump jr locked out of twitter account

Twitter “Hack” an Inside Job – Reveals Shadowbanning Tool Is Manual and Not Accidental — Exposes Tech Giant’s Massive Censorship Operation

Google Bans Ads On Coronavirus ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Content

Do We Have to Keep Doing This?

Why do people continue to believe ridiculously biased polls like this one that has Biden up by double digits? These polls always oversample democrats and don’t focus on people who actually vote. The media always runs with these stupid polls to suppress voter turnout and enthusiasm.

tweet jason miller percentage republicans recent polls
new poll trump biden 100 cnn anonymous sources

10 Reasons Polls Can’t Be Trusted
National Association of Police Organizations Endorses Trump, After Backing Biden as VP in ’08, ’12

Quote of the Day

quote handmaids tale atwood that was when they suspended the constitution said it would be temporary

Message of the Day

message im selfish vaccine mask job losses so you feel safe

You Must Comply!

Walmart, Target, Festival, Aldis, Kohls…everyone is jumping on the fascist control freak train. So after all these new face mask rules change nothing, do you think we can start showing our faces again with things back to normal? Or will they shift to blame the next freedom or personal liberty that is REALLY causing the covid spread and needs to be taken away to “keep us safe”?

If the science is so clear cut on masks, why is there a need to ban/censor any doctor, scientist, or psychologist who tries to explain the drawbacks of masks? And why should California and other states feel the need to redo the shutdowns when masks work so well?

Why does Dr. Fauci oppose any controlled studies of mask effectiveness for covid? Why does the CDC oppose any kind of auditing of their case numbers & death counts?

Never mind, everyone just go along and OBEY! Question nothing! Critical thinking is a waste of energy. America isn’t about freedom, choice, or personal responsibility. We’re just here to live, die, and serve our socialist masters in the government and big corporate boardrooms.

mask this is bullshit

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09-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Random Thought of the Day

The media is going crazy trumpeting the “most accurate poller of 2016” has Biden beating Trump by 12 points, with even Drudge Report highlighting it. Never mind that the media refused to consider the IBD/TIPP polls in 2016 since they were considered too much of an outlier but is now mentioned since it pushes their narrative. However, the story misses two key variables: 1) it oversamples declared democrats, with the percentages of independents & republicans not matching the national average; 2) it samples registered voters, not likely voters, which historically is always a 5-10% Democrat-favorable difference in actual election results. Registered voters includes far more people that don’t pay attention to politics as well as younger Americans, both groups of which are less likely to turn out on voting day.

In fact, the “most accurate poll of 2016” was IBD/TIPP likely voters, and it sampled a more accurate reflection of American demographics. So in fact, it’s a total distortion to equate this recent poll with the one done in 2016, but as has been reported so frequently, it’s all about propaganda and Trump voter discouragement/suppression.

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

i have a dream bill hillary clinton obama in prison
welcome to san francisco where dogs step in human poop
bernie sanders socialist utopia venezuela you can pick up money in streets
bye jenny come back when im a shrimp boat billionaire forrest gump
dinosaurs you cant eat congress has nuts in it
how to run a country by donald trump reading to merkel macron
they cant predict path of storm 24 hours before hits but know whether 12 years
trump group of seven agenda climate change chicken sky is falling

Question of the Day

why does liberal blame cop when shoot criminal but blame gun when criminal shoots someone else

Tweet of the Day

tweet parents cspan discussing violence with kids more likely to grow old stop fear mongering rights away

Quote of the Day

quote mark levin not a nation of immigrants citizens treated as 2nd class while illegals most virtuous

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